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Why does 99Sportz.com exist?

Unbiased, Honest Reviews

We aim to simplify your purchase choice when it comes to buying sports equipment. Before publishing reviews, our team uses the sports equipment for a few weeks, and after that, we publish our review article. See example: ESPN table review.

Simplified Training Guides

We aim to help sports enthusiasts improve their playing skills. Our writers do not write such articles, but the players who have actively played or are playing that game write such articles. See example: how to play ping pong alone.

Fun & Entertainment For Everyone

Sports is for fun & entertainment. We like to publish posts that we think can entertain & make our audience happy. See example: can you guess the soccer player’s name?


We have the most helpful Table Tennis tips and reviews for all Table Tennis enthusiasts, from beginners to experts.

Ping Pong Doubles Rules

Ping Pong Doubles Rules

Whenever you are feeling bored, just get together with your friends and start playing ping…


Are you a crazy baseball fan? We have everything you would ever need to enjoy this game to the fullest, from tips and reviews to players’ bios. 


Play Exciting Quizes and Have Fun!!

Sports articles that entertain you sent directly to your inbox!

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We know most of you love playing cricket as much as you love watching the game. We help you continuously keep up with the best cricket updates alongside keeping you updated with the best cricket tips.


Watching or playing Soccer is a super exciting experience for sure, and it gets even better as you understand the rules of the game well. You can go through our comprehensive guides to improve your understanding of the game.

Soccer Field Dimensions

Soccer Field Dimensions

If you are a football fanatic, then you must have wondered what the soccer field dimensions are. Or, if you…


Foosball is just so exciting to play, and we have many useful posts to help you upgrade your skills to have an even better playing experience and fun.


Air Hockey is not just a leisure time activity anymore, and we have comprehensive posts to help you get started and help you improve your playing skills. 


With so many good and bad sports items around, it gets pretty challenging to make the right choice every time. However, we have the best buying guides to help you choose the right sports items in terms of quality and cost.

How-to articles, tips to improve your skills 

If you are a sports enthusiast, looking forward to improving your skills in a particular sport or maybe, planning to make a career in sports, you can make the most out of our How-to articles to learn the right way to go about it.

Readers feedback

I love your blog and have shared it with all of my friends and colleagues. There’s a valuable insight in every article to learn from.

– Erin Vans , Sports Enthusiast


I’ve followed 99sportz for over two years and have successfully implemented a ton of your advice into my TT playings. Thank you!

– Tom Deckson TT Player

About Us

We aim to simplify your purchase choice when it comes to buying sports equipment. We are a group of sports lovers. We love spending our leisure time playing recreational games like table tennis, air hockey, foosball, and other games. 

Here at 99sportz.com, you will find us reviewing various sports equipment like table tennis tablesenglish willow cricket batsair hockey tablescricket bowling machines, and a great deal of other sports equipment.

You can read more about us here.

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