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How to Paint a Ping Pong Table

paint ping pong table

Ping pong has a long history of being one of the most engaging sports for families and kids. Though this sports originated in England, it has spread to large parts of the world and hence, you will find a lot of answers related to this sports over the Internet. How to paint a ping pong … Read more

What Material Ping Pong Tables Made of?

Table tennis tables are made of which material

A common question that quite a few table tennis enthusiasts have been asking us is, “what are Ping Pong Tables made of?” This is indeed an important question which will certainly help many of you make the right choice of ping pong tables for your playing. The ping pong tables material differs with different Table … Read more

How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost?

cost of ping pong table

Want to buy a ping pong table and wondering how much does a ping pong table cost? Well, a ping pong table is like a dream come true for every table tennis lover. If you are out there looking for ping pong tables at sports shops or online and wondering the amount you may have … Read more

How to Practice Ping Pong Alone

stiga advantage table tennis table

Are you one of those hard-core table tennis fan who wants to practice table tennis but most of the time no one is around? And, now you are looking for the ways to practice ping pong alone? Worry not… We will tell you how you can play and practice ping pong by yourself and take your … Read more

20 Fascinating Table Tennis Facts & Stats

Did you know that a game of table tennis a day can actually help in brain development? Did you find this Table Tennis fact interesting? Yes? There are many table tennis facts and stats that even the biggest fanatics are not aware of. Also known as ping pong, the game is not merely a part … Read more