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What is the Difference between Soccer & Football?

“The beautiful game” is popular on both sides of the Atlantic as “soccer” and “football”. The opinion or perception about it varies from one individual to the other. While to some people these are the names of the same sport, others consider them to be distinct from one another. Thus, people believe there are some … Read more

Can Soccer Cleats Be Used for Football?

soccer cleats

The players of both soccer and American football play in their uniforms. Just as they wear jerseys, they also wear cleats while playing both sports. In this regard, an important question that my friends, who happen to be the fans of both sports, ask me “can you wear soccer cleats for football?” Other than being … Read more

Why Is Soccer the Most Popular Sport in the World?

why soccer is popular in world

You would hardly find anyone who does not know about soccer at present. In the United States, the sport is popular by the name of “soccer”. Likewise, it is also well known by names such as “football” and “the beautiful game” in the other parts of the world. Regardless of how you address or play … Read more

What Are the Basic Rules of Soccer?

rules of football

Soccer is a famous athletic sports game that has reached a high level of popularity. It holds something that is beyond our imagination which has captured the hearts of many people. It is the only sport that binds the entire world and it is also called ‘Football’. Every Soccer player should know these soccer rules. … Read more

What Are The Different Positions in Baseball?

Baseball Positions

In baseball there are defensive players and offensive players. The defensive players also known as ‘fielders’. On the offensive side all the players become ‘hitters’ when it’s their turn to bat. There are nine positions in baseball, each one with a unique role and importance. All baseball positions work in unison as a team in an attempt … Read more

What Is the Size of a Regulation Soccer Goal Post?

soccer goal post dimensions

It may be surprising to you, but many people including soccer players and some school coaches have no idea about the right size of the soccer goal. If you thought that the size of goals was the same everywhere, then it is time you read the article fully and understood the different goal sizes. The … Read more

All About the History & Manufacturing of Soccer Balls

how soccer balls manufactured

Soccer – the beautiful game – does not need any introduction. But thinking of a soccer ball description, regardless of its source, is likely to introduce you to a bunch of questions. At the outset, the thought of a soccer ball can give rise to the following questions on your mind: What are soccer balls … Read more

What are the Major Fouls in Soccer?

Major Fouls in Soccer

For a soccer player of any stage, it is important to be familiar with all the rules relating to fouls in soccer. Knowing this will eventually help you cut down on the chances of going wrong during a match. If you wish to learn about the fouls in Soccer, you are surely on the right … Read more