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What Is the Standard Foosball Table Dimensions & Size?

standard foosball table dimensions & size

For anyone looking forward to buying an ideal Foosball table, the most important factor to consider is certainly the dimensions. Besides, it is also worth understanding the different sizes of the room that will be required to accommodate the different Foosball table sizes. In this post, we will give you clarity on both aspects and … Read more

How to Set up a Foosball Table & Assemble Instructions

setup foosball table

Otherwise known as table football, foosball is a game that is played with a foosball table setup. For passionate lovers of the game, there is no better option than owning a table for playing it. The biggest advantage of setting up the foosball table is that it allows one to play the game at one’s … Read more

Official Foosball Rules

Foosball Rules

Since its inception, foosball has emerged both as a popular sport and game. Some players and enthusiasts embrace it as a beautiful sport. Others perceive it as the best option for indoor recreation. Whether you believe in the former or the latter, chances are you may want to uphold the integrity of the game in … Read more

How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

how much foosball table cost

Anyone who has an interest in foosball would like to have one purchased for their homes or office. Before you find out how much does a foosball table cost, you would have to first identify what type of table wish to purchase. This is because the price of a foosball table can differ greatly depending … Read more