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What Are the Basic Rules of Soccer?

rules of football

Soccer is a famous athletic sports game that has reached a high level of popularity. It holds something that is beyond our imagination which has captured the hearts of many people. It is the only sport that binds the entire world and it is also called ‘Football’. Every Soccer player should know these soccer rules. … Read more

What Is the Size of a Regulation Soccer Goal Post?

soccer goal post dimensions

It may be surprising to you, but many people including soccer players and some school coaches have no idea about the right size of the soccer goal. If you thought that the size of goals was the same everywhere, then it is time you read the article fully and understood the different goal sizes. The … Read more

All About the History & Manufacturing of Soccer Balls

how soccer balls manufactured

Soccer – the beautiful game – does not need any introduction. But thinking of a soccer ball description, regardless of its source, is likely to introduce you to a bunch of questions. At the outset, the thought of a soccer ball can give rise to the following questions on your mind: What are soccer balls … Read more

What are the Major Fouls in Soccer?

Major Fouls in Soccer

For a soccer player of any stage, it is important to be familiar with all the rules relating to fouls in soccer. Knowing this will eventually help you cut down on the chances of going wrong during a match. If you wish to learn about the fouls in Soccer, you are surely on the right … Read more