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Table tennis is a popular sport which is played by people of all age groups. The physical fitness of a player matters more than their age in this sport. To a large extent, your physical fitness depends on your diet. You can get to the peak of your performance against your opponents in table tennis … Read more

STIGA Synergy T8690 Table Tennis Table Review

table tennis table

Are you looking forward to comprehending the features of STIGA Synergy T8690? This post will provide you with a comprehensive picture of the TT table. For anyone looking for an easy-to-assemble table tennis table, the Stiga Synergy T8690 table should be an ideal choice. It is easy to assemble and also easy to store. The … Read more

How to Play Beer Pong? Rules of the Game

beer pong table

The origins of Beer Pong dates back to the time between the 1950s and 1960s. It originated in the United States in the decade between the two years. Just like most other games, this one also involves two teams. But unlike most other indoor and outdoor games, its nature is slightly different. It is a … Read more

JOOLA Tour Table Tennis Table Review


Are you looking to find more on the Joola Tour Table Tennis Table? This post will guide you. Recreation at home can have many benefits. It need not always be for spending your spare time only. You can make your pastime contribute to your health and fitness. Playing a game at home can keep the … Read more

Butterfly compact 19 table tennis table review

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Are you looking forward to buying a Butterfly Compact 19 Table Tennis Table? This post will walk you through the various aspects of this TT table. Almost anyone irrespective of age can enjoy playing Table tennis. For playing this leisurely game at home, you don’t need to be at the height of your fitness. It … Read more

HEAD Summit Table Tennis Table Review

Head Summit Table Tennis Table Review

Are you not being able to decide if you should buy the HEAD Summit Table Tennis Table?  In this post, we will get you familiar with the various aspects of this table tennis table. By the end of this post, you should be able to reach a decision without any difficulty. Anyone would agree that … Read more

Nittaku 3-Star Ping Pong Balls Review

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If you are wondering how to find the best ping pong balls, this is the post for you. These ping pong balls are available in different qualities, even when ITTF has given the official table tennis balls’ specifications. When talking about these balls, the first name that probably comes to anyone’s mind is the Nittaku … Read more

Ping Pong Balls Sizes, Weight, Diameter, Dimensions

Ping Pong Balls Sizes

If you are just starting to play table tennis or just practicing, it’s pretty normal to look for the best ping pong balls. However, to choose the best ball with so many table tennis ball types around is undoubtedly difficult since every ping pong ball seems to be identical to the naked eye. We have … Read more