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DIY: How to Make a Ping Pong Table

How to make the ping pong table

Building a ping pong table may apparently seem to be a pretty complicated job but in reality, it is not as difficult as it seems to be provided that you follow the right steps. Relying on 2D dimensions or 3D dimensions can be a good choice as the measurements are totally up to international standards. … Read more

10 Best Table Tennis Paddles for Beginners

best ping pong paddles for beginners

The game of ping pong is a great leveler. It has options both for beginners and experts. Whether you are looking for a means to get started with the game or improve your skills in it, you will find paddles for both. If you have just started playing the game, or are weighing your options, … Read more

How to Make Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Sticky?

ping pong paddle rubber sticky

People who play ping pong regularly often know the importance of using a sticky ping pong paddle. Having talent is great with ping pong however it would be better suited for you if you have a ping pong paddle that is sticky. Accuracy, speed, and spin are the most important factors that decide how good … Read more

How to Choose a Ping Pong Paddle

how to choose ping pong paddle

Wondering how to pick the best table tennis paddle? To choose a ping pong paddle, you have to consider the grip and playstyle. Other factors include blade, rubber, and sponge. Attacking players use speedy paddles. Defending players use softer paddles. Like other games, you need to carefully choose the right ping pong paddle for playing … Read more

How to Clean a Ping Pong Paddle?

Clean Ping Pong Paddle

Any good table tennis player knows the importance of keeping their ping pong paddle in the best condition possible. In this game of agility and speed, the paddle is the primary asset. A worn off dirty paddle can result in weak strokes and a loss. Keeping the paddle clean is essential for maintaining its tackiness … Read more

What Is a Penhold Ping Pong Grip?

Penhold Grip

There are two main ways in which a player can hold the ping pong paddle and these include shake hand grip and penhold grip. Both these ping pong grips are useful for the players and they can use any of them to play their game. Both of them have pros and cons and players have … Read more