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Air hockey is a skill-based game, wherein, two players play against each other on a specially designed, smooth-surfaced standard size air hockey table. Both the players hold a striker separately, which is required to hit the puck. The air hockey table sizes vary differently.

The Air hockey Player Association (AHPA) and United States Air Hockey Association ( USAA) are the regulatory bodies of air hockey, who stated the regulations for a standard size air hockey table.

Now, let’s understand what is regulation air hockey table size.

According to the regulations, air hockey table dimensions are Length: 84 inches, Width: 48 inches, Height: 32 inches. Whereas, full size air hockey table dimensions are Length: 96 inches, Width: 52 inches, Height: 32 inches.

Different Sizes of Air Hockey Table

Due to the increased popularity of air hockey these days, differently sized air hockey tables are available in the market for different levels of players.

Let’s see how big is an air hockey table made for different skill levels.

Model Length Width Height
2 feet 24 inches 12 inches 32 inches
4 to 6 feet 48 to 72 inches 30 inches 32 inches
7 to 8 feet 84 to 96 inches 50 inches 32 inches

2 feet (24 inches) – This is a compact size table which fells under the category of table top air hockey tables. This is best suited for beginners and children. These are inexpensive and can be easily purchased from any sports store.These can be easily stored under the bed, as these are easily foldable.

4 to 6 feet (48 to 72 inches) – This category of air hockey tables are best suited for indoor purpose. This category is broad and easily available at sports stores. These can be easily carried to different places for recreational purposes.

7 to 8 feet (84 inches to 96 inches) – Commonly known as professional air hockey table or Arcade-style air hockey table. This is the premium category air hockey tables. 7 to 8 feet is the full size air hockey table dimensions. This size is used for tournaments and leagues. These tables need a large space so as to accommodate it and also provide adequate space for the players for proper movement.

Air Hockey Table Height

According to the official air hockey table size, the optimal height of an air hockey table is 32 inches. If this height seems to be uncomfortable then 36-inch height could be a better go.

Air Hockey Table Weight

Owing to the different sizes and materials used, the weight of air hockey tables vary accordingly. The larger ones tend to be heavier than the smaller ones. As a result of which, the weight ranges from 10 pounds to 350 pounds.

Heavyweight is a result of high duty material used to construct the table and a heavier motor it is equipped with.

Air Hockey Table Thickness

One of the parameters of the air hockey table size is the thickness of the surface. The thickness of the table is a major determinant of the smoothness of the table. Thicker the table surface better is the quality. Based on this fact, the best performance is achieved on a table surface of minimum 3 or 4 inch thickness.

Up Short

If you are planning to purchase an air hockey table then, at first you need to identify the purpose ( which can be either recreational or professional usage) and the space at your place.

Moreover, not to forget is the individual who is going to use it. If children are the users then go for a table top or 2 feet table. On the contrary, if adults want to use it for professional purpose then one should select a table of 4 to 8 feet.

You should also look at the thickness and weight of the table. There are the key determinants of a well constructed air hockey table. So choose the air hockey table size wisely.

Can You Put an Air Hockey Table Outside?

Not all air hockey tables can be placed outdoors. As these cannot withstand the changing temperature and moist climate. Some air hockey tables are specially designed to be placed outdoors.

Undoubtedly placing air hockey tables outside provide dimensions to the play. One can have a benefit of fresh air while at play. Some outdoors air hockey tables are portable, so these can be a source to engage kids and adults in a competitive game if taken to a picnic. These waterproof tables have air holes designed in such a way that water does not enter them.

Most important thing to remember here is to cover the table with air hockey table cover. This not only guards the table against various environmental aggressors but also diminishes the cleaning time.

What Size Air Hockey Table Should I Buy?

If you are a newbie in this game, then the correct air hockey table size would be 2 feet or 4 feet. Even 6 feet table would be an appropriate pick, provided you buy according to the age of the players. But, if buying for professional purposes, then 7 to 8 feet table is the best pick.

How Much Room Do You Need for an Air Hockey Table?

To fit a full size air hockey table a room of 10 feet by 7 feet is required. This is to provide free movement for the players while at play. In other words, a space of 2 to 3 feet at each end of the table should be there for ease at play.

How Much Does a Full Size Air Hockey Table Weight?

A full size air hockey table weighs around 250 to 350 pounds, depending on the type of material and motor used in it.

What Are the Size of Pucks of Differently Sized Air Hockey Tables?

Large puck models have larger pucks of diameter 3¼ inches. While the small puck models have pucks with a diameter of 2¾ inches and are comparatively lighter.

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