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Are you surrounded by baseball aficionados who love everything baseball? If yes, a quality baseball-themed gift can simply brighten up their day.

Although the market is bursting with plenty of baseball gifts for players, choosing the right one often becomes a task. When shopping for baseball presents, you want to buy something that stands out and lasts for years to come. But finding a gift that is fun and practical is not always easy.

To help you out, we have scoured the web to discover unique gifts for baseball lovers that are sure to please. These incredible gift ideas are certain to be a home run for young players with a newfound love for the game, a veteran coach, and every enthusiastic baseball fan in between.

Go through these gift ideas for baseball players to select the finest gift for every age group. Even if you have no experience with the sport, choosing the best one from the following will be a breeze. Our list of exciting, functional, and unique gifts make the best presents for birthdays, Valentines, and even Christmas.

1.SKLZ Bullet Ball

A must-have piece for every baseball fan’s collection, this bullet ball is cool and useful in every possible way. A great product by SKLZ, it comes with a sensor to measure spin rate, spin direction, and velocity.

It is an ideal gift choice for all age groups and skill levels. The sensor on the ball accurately measures velocities up to 120 mph, enabling players to improve their ball speed. It is handy for practice at home as well as in training environments.

Key features

  • Standard baseball size
  • LCD indicator displays pitch speed
  •  Measures speed up to 120 mph
  •  Suitable for all ages


2.FlyonSea Baseball Light

This is one of the best gifts for baseball lovers, especially teen boys. The light makes for a great piece of bedside decoration that can be neatly displayed next to all his baseball accessories.

Equipped with remote control for 7 different colored lights, the lamp comes with a durable base and 10 LED beads. It is powered by 3-AA batteries or 5V USB cable connected to a power source. It is an interesting gift option that doubles as a unique home décor item.

Key Features

  • Touch color control
  •  7 colors
  •  Night light versatility
  •  Perfect for home decor


3. MadSportsStuff Baseball Socks

If you are looking for high-quality baseball-themed socks for your loved one, these are definitely a great option. A thoughtful gift for young and old guys, you can browse through a range of designs and color choices.

The lightweight socks are infused with Alphasan Antimicrobials to control bacteria and foul odor. Besides, features like moisture-wicking, blister control, double welt top, and arch and ankle compression make it a highly practical and worthwhile gift.

  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight, durable, and breathable
  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Wide range of designs and colors


4. iPlay, iLearn 2-in-1 Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine

If you have young baseball admirers in your life, this active training toy set might just be what you are looking for. The 2-in-1 pitching machine works for baseball and tennis.

It is a great sports gift that comprises a pitching machine, tennis racket, baseball bat, and 6 PP balls. It is a convenient option for home practice that can hone the batting skills of young and upcoming players.

  • Perfect sports gift for children
  • Works for baseball and tennis practice
  • Remote control and Auto modes
  • 100% safe for kids


5. Big League Chew- Bubble Gum Flavored Gumballs

One of the most delightful Christmas gifts for baseball fans, this ultimate snack is perfect for baseball-themed parties, softball sessions in the dugout, and the chilling barbeque nights.

The classic bubble gum flavor has a separate fan base and works well across all age groups. The product includes 80 individually-wrapped gum balls packed in a Team Rally bucket that offers great value for money.

  • Original bubblegum flavor
  • Great snacking option
  • Perfect for games, picnics, and parties
  • Perfect for all ages


6. Cap Rack Baseball Cap Organizer

This is a good gifting option for cleanliness enthusiasts who like to keep their things well-organized. The Cap Rack system is easy to hook around doors, in closets, or on the walls.

It features 12 cap clips and each clip can easily hold up to 3 baseball caps. The caps are placed in a way that the front logo is easily visible.

  • Can hold up to 36 caps
  • Grips the cap from the crown
  • Movable cap clips for a custom display
  • Easy to assemble
  • All hardware included


7. Urbanifi Baseball Tumbler

This is one of the best gifts for a baseball player, where he can walk around with his favorite drink and show off his love for the game.

This baseball tumbler is a high-quality stainless steel product with a stunning white and red baseball finish. Made to last, it can hold up to 30 oz. of hot/cold beverage. The design includes a closable lid and a straw hole for enjoying drinks on the go.

  • 30 oz. stainless steel tumbler
  • Perfect for hot/cold beverages
  • Includes 2 straws and a straw cleaner
  • Eco-friendly product

8. 24-Pack Baseball Keychains

Young baseball lovers will simply adore this gift pack that comprises 24 baseball-themed keychains. Made of soft foam material, these can double up as excellent party favors or rewards for birthday party games.

It is also great for creating striking décor elements in a baseball fan’s bedroom. The keychains are lightweight and super handy, making them a perfect choice for several occasions.

  • 1.6 inch in diameter
  • Lightweight soft foam material
  • Safe for kids
  • Comes in a pack of 24
  • Ideal for birthday parties and baseball sports events


9. Baseball Bottle Opener

If your baseball fan also happens to be a beer lover, then this gift can be your best bet. Perfect for opening a cold brew, the opener is made of real official leather baseball.

The opener is magnetic so it sticks to the fridge, eliminating the need to dig through the drawers to find them. The same magnet also holds the cap when you pop open a bottle so it doesn’t fall on the floor.

  • Made of real official leather baseball
  • Stainless steel opener plate
  • Sticks to the fridge
  • Holds the bottle cap
  • Excellent finish

10. Spark Catch- LED Baseball

This is indubitably one of the coolest gifts that will leave your special one in complete awe. Spark Catch offers the world’s first LED baseball that is equipped with 4 powerful LEDs.

Its weight, material, and stitching are the same as major league baseballs. It can handle fast pitching with speed up to 86 mph. The baseball is ideal for ardent game lovers who are always up for playing catch at night.

  • 4 LED bulbs offering up to 100 Lumen
  • Genuine cow leather skin
  • Powered by standard 23A battery
  • Lasts up to 10 hours of lighting
  • Patented internal construction with a hidden switch


11. Delight Expressions Baseball Gift Basket

Baseball gifts don’t always have to be about bats and balls. A lovely basket filled with delectable treats is another amazing option that your loved one can enjoy while watching his favorite game.

A baseball gift basket curated by Delight Expressions includes a range of sweet and salty nibbles such as the East Shore pretzels, Beer Nuts cashews and almonds, shortbread cookie, Fairwinds ground coffee, and much more.

  • Hand wrapped gift basket
  • Includes a ceramic mug and different snacks
  • Personalized message in a card
  • Suitable for all ages


12. Grandma Smiley’s Baseball Board Game

From a tiny rookie learning to hit his first shots to the upcoming Major League champion, this board game is a home run for every baseball devotee. Easy to learn and play, the board game offers a respite from the illuminated screen. It offers the classic experience of a baseball game along with the stimulating social experience that board games offer for interacting with family and friends.

  • Basic and advanced game styles
  • Great for family bonding
  • A good break from electronic distractions
  • Suitable for all ages and skill levels


13. Electronic Baseball Game

The electronic baseball game is one of the best baseball presents that promises hours of entertainment during spare time or traveling. The portable game is an improved version of the classic device, providing better sound effects and user experience.

The battery-operated game does not require Wi-Fi or data signals. It is a compact and portable device that makes for a wonderful gift for those who enjoy baseball.

  • Handheld game with improved sound effects
  • 2 different playing modes
  • Requires three AAA batteries
  • Buttons to make players pitch, run, hit, and score
  • Suitable for 1-2 players


14. Velopro Baseball Training Harness

Help him unlock his true power and velocity with this Velopro training harness. The compact and easy to use product offers both positive and negative feedback with every rep.

It features specialized probands and integrated resistance technologies that immediately identify mechanical issues that lead to decreasing power or performance. It is an ideal gift for those looking to take their game to a higher level.

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Adapts to specific body size & skill level
  • Worn on back or front leg
  • Provides positive and negative feedback
  • Big-time performance gains


15. Baseball Toss Games

You can surprise your loved one with this fun baseball theme party game set, suitable for both children and adults. It comprises 1 baseball toss game banner, 3 bean bags, and a rope for hanging.

It is an excellent gifting option that promotes hand-eye coordination and fosters team spirit in young aspiring players. The game is great for enjoying a fun indoor or outdoor games night.

  • Made of fabric
  • Suitable for multi-team competition
  • Easily washable and long-lasting
  • Great for indoor/ outdoor decoration


16. Schutt Baseball Desk Organizer

This super functional desk organizer is definitely one of the best gifts for a baseball player. It is a perfect desk accessory that neatly holds pens, pencils, scissors, and even business cards. The aesthetics and design of this organizer are on point.

It resembles the baseball team’s authentic helmet. And the coolest part is that it can be customized with the officially licensed MLB logo of their favorite team.

  • Mini helmet design
  • 2 sections for holding belongings
  • Perfect for home or office use
  • Can be customized with their favorite baseball team’s logo


17. F5 Sports pitchLogic Ball

If you are searching for a unique and worthwhile gift option for a baseball fan, this be it. F5 Sports present a baseball with the capabilities of a pitching lab to offers useful insights into athletic performance.

The incredible product combined with a mobile app helps players train more effectively. The pitchLogic ball analyzes pitches and helps to improve the throwing speed and movement.

  • Measures 12 key metrics
  • Convenient to use
  • No setup required
  • Includes free app to track progress
  • Suitable for players of all levels


18. Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Batting Tee

For the younger baseball enthusiasts who are just getting the knack of the game, this batting tee makes a great baseball gift. It is a highly practical option that even works for the youngest players by suspending a ball 18” to 26” from the ground. As they grow and improve their game, the hanging attachment can be removed, turning it into a traditional batting tee.

  • Adjustable hitting tee
  • Hanging tee design suitable for young players
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Includes 4 baseballs with self-stick covers


19. The Mug with a Glove

This is an amazing gift for baseball lovers. Made of beautiful white ceramic material, it looks absolutely chic and stylish. The brown glove on the top adds a definitive adorable quality to this product.

Your loved ones can have soup, ice-cream with toppings, and even milk with some cornflakes in this amazing attractive mug. The interesting gift option can also be used as a unique home décor item.

  • 16-ounce white ceramic mug
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Features attached glove
  • Versatile design
  • Great gift for sports fan of all ages


20. Merchant Ambassador MLB Dice Popup Game

Whether your baseball fan is young or old, this fast-paced 2 player baseball board game is all sorts of fun. The 9 inning game is a head-to-head challenge where each player takes turns as hitter and pitcher. It comes with 30 MLB team cards so that the players can pick their favorite teams to set up a competition.

  • 2-player fun game
  • Easy to learn
  • 2 dice that determine the pitch outcome
  • Includes 7 baseball-themed pawns

21. Personalized Baseball Coach Picture Frame

Show your coach your admiration and respect for being such a great mentor for your athlete with this special picture frame. The beautifully engraved wooden frame can be personalized with the coach’s name or a special message.

It comes with an easel and wall-mounted hooks for convenient use. It is a thoughtful gift option that also doubles as a wonderful home décor item.

  • Made of 100 % alder wood
  • High-quality laser engraving on the frame
  • Can hold a 5” x 7″ photo
  • Can be personalized with a name or message
  • Eco-friendly product


22. BenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

Help your beloved baseball fan gear up for exciting game evenings by gifting this incredible beer pint glass. This 16 oz. glass is hand sculpted with a lot of care and precision. A real Titleist golf ball is re-purposed and attached to the glass, imparting a stylish look. It is a unique baseball gift that is sure to leave a lasting impression. The glass is lead-free and hand-blown by experienced artisans.

  • 16 oz. pint glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Offers a unique drinking experience
  • Eco-friendly product


23. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

Celebrate your appreciation for your coach with this “Best Coach Ever” stainless steel travel tumbler. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, the tumbler holds up to 30 oz. of drink. The design encompasses a leak-proof BPA free spill-resistant lid. High-quality laser Silk Screen printing ensures that the product is made to last.

  • Unbreakable steel tumbler
  • Capacity of 30 oz.
  • Ideal for hot/cold beverages
  • Made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel


24. TIHOOD Baseball Stand

This gorgeous baseball stand will make the perfect addition to any baseball lover’s home. They can use the superior quality wooden stands to display their precious baseball collection.

The package includes two stands that can be placed next to each other to create a striking design element that will simply please the onlookers.

  • 5” tall wooden stand
  • Made of schima superba
  • Suitable for all round items within 9” circumference
  • Ideal for creative decoration


25. Little Tikes T-Ball Set

Encourage a love of the game in your little ones with this wonderful T-ball set. It enhances motor skills, batting skills, and coordination in a child.

The design features an adjustable height to adapt to a child’s developing skills. It is not only beautiful to look at but also has immense functional value. It also comes with convenient storage options.

  • Height can be adjusted easily
  • Includes 5 balls
  • Enhances motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Easy to store


26. Rawlings Official Major League Baseball

This is a much sought-after gift for ardent baseball devotees and collectors. This official 2020 major league baseball game ball looks truly fantastic.

It has a full-grain leather cover with 108 classic red stitches. The ball is enclosed inside a lovely display case with embedded UV protection made out of transparent crystal styrene. This will make sure that the ball stays in good condition for a long time.

  • Crafted with the finest leather
  • Features Rawlings logo, mpounds logo, and commissioner’s signature
  • Comes with clear display case
  • Made to last


27. VOSGA Unisex Face Scarf

This unique design face mask with baseball-themed print is ideal for all baseball lovers. Made of highly durable fabric, it safeguards the face from dust, pollen, and other particles in the air. It is available in two sizes- small and medium. The superb quality of this mask makes it the perfect wear for everyone.

  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Soft and durable
  • Protects against cold, dust, and UV rays
  • Ideal gift for teens and adults
  • Washable and reusable


28. Rawlings Official League Baseballs

Nurture their love of the game with these official league baseballs that are perfect for batting practice. The package contains 3 balls, featuring synthetic leather and raised seams.

The baseball comprises solid cork and rubber center, giving it the official weight and size. It is a highly recommended product for young kids who are looking to learn the game.

  • Easy to grip
  • Ideal for home practice and casual games
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Suitable for ages 8 and under
  • Convenient mesh bag


29. Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap

You can celebrate your little one’s birthday or any other special occasion by gifting him a lovely Disney-themed baseball cap. If he is a little boy developing a love for the game, he might just find it the best gift ever. Made of cotton twill, you can browse through a range of designs and patterns to find the most suitable option for your kid.

  • Imported cotton twill fabric
  • Stylish designs
  • Adjustable fit
  • Convenient snap-back closure
  • Suitable for boys aged 2 to 4


30. Baseball Treat Box

If you are hosting a baseball-themed birthday party for your child, these treat boxes will serve as the perfect addition to match the décor. They are made of cardboard and can be used for making interesting goodie boxes. You can fill them up with delicious treats or baseball-related items and hand them as party favors to friends and family.

  • 6.25” cardboard boxes
  • Ideal for baseball-themed parties
  • Easy to open and close
  • Comes in a pack of 12


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