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Baseball is among the much-loved sports. It is a great pastime for many kids growing up. There are so many who love donning their favorite jerseys and spending hours practicing in the yard. For such little champs, finding the right kids’ baseball gifts that help them hone their skills is not easy.

There is a plethora of baseball stuff for kids available on the market. Unfortunately, only a few really serve as a valuable tool for a young baseball admirer.

To help you, we have whittled out a list of the best baseball gifts for boys and girls that will help them deepen their love for the incredible sport. Whether you are looking for equipment to help them train, books of facts to raise their knowledge on the game, or simply baseball-themed decor items, we have got you covered.

Best Baseball Gifts for Teenager Boys & Girls

Table of Content:

  1. Grandma Smiley’s Baseball Board Game
  2. iPlay, iLearn 2-in-1 Baseball and Tennis Pitching Machine
  3.  A Nice Night Baseball Bedding Set
  4. Baseball Man 3D Lamp Night Light
  5. Electronic Baseball Game
  6.  Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Batting Tee
  7. Fremont Die MLB Baseball Board Game
  8.  Franklin Sports Teeball Bat
  9. Rawlings Players Baseball Gloves
  10. T-Ball Set for Kids

1. Grandma Smiley’s Baseball Board Game

Playing baseball is indubitably fun but playing it while sitting indoors and relaxing with your buddies can be very interesting with this board game. It is very easy to learn and offers both basic and advanced levels of play. This makes it suitable for beginners with little or no knowledge of the sport.

The classic game also presents a great way to get the kids off the electronics. Young players can have an exhilarating family time while fulfilling their love for the sport.


  • Easy to learn and play
  • Basic and advanced levels
  • A perfect blend of strategy and chance
  • Suitable for ages 8 and above


2. iPlay, iLearn 2-in-1 Baseball and Tennis Pitching Machine

Toys like this pitching machine are ideal for a hands-on way to improve the skills of your little ones when it comes to sports. The active toy training set works for both baseball and tennis. The auto ball feeder will fire multiple balls towards the player, offering loads of swing action practice.

It is one of the best baseball gifts for kids that include everything a child needs to play and practice the game at home.


  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Ideal for baseball and tennis practice at home
  • Availability of remote control and auto modes
  • Safe and fun for young players


3. A Nice Night Baseball Bedding Set

If you have a little baseball lover in your house, you can surely surprise them with this super funky bedding set. Suitable for all ages, this comforter is ultra-soft and highly durable. The reversible design includes microfiber with warm down alternative filling.

The full-size 3-piece bedding set is easy to clean and maintain and offers warmth for year-round comfort. Your little champ can use it to wrap around and enjoy a cozy night of baseball match.


  • Reversible comforter
  • Microfiber material is cool and breathable
  • More durable than cotton
  • Comes with 2 matching pillowcases

4. Baseball Man 3D Lamp Night Light

If your little one uses a nightlight, why not gift them something that will remind them of their time at the baseball fields? This lamp creates a 3D optical visual effect of a baseball man that looks absolutely stunning.

It comes with a remote controller that allows for 16 different color changes. It can be fixed on one color or set to gradual color change. The eco-friendly product is simple yet stylish and makes for a great home décor element.


  • Touch color control
  • 16 different colors
  • Powered by a USB cable or 3-AA batteries
  • Great for décor in bedroom or living room


5. Electronic Baseball Game

This is one of the best baseball gift ideas for girls and boys who are looking for some indoor entertainment. Bringing back the classic 70’s gaming sensation, this electronic device offers superior sound effects and user experience.

It is battery-operated and does not require any Wi-Fi signal. The portable gadget is ideal for enjoying a fun evening all by yourself.


  • Compact handheld device
  • Features 2 different playing modes
  • Suitable for 1-2 players
  • Powered by 3-AAA batteries


6. Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Batting Tee

If your child has a growing interest in baseball, this product is perfect for helping them polish their batting skills. The hanging tee is chiefly designed for new players, hanging the ball between 18-26 inches from the floor. It helps to improve the kid’s hand-eye coordination.

Once the child improves his game, the hanging attachment can be removed, turning it into a traditional batting tee. Made of high-quality plastic, the product comprises a plastic bat and 4 baseballs with self-stick covers.


  • Adjustable hitting tee
  • Helps to improve hand-eye coordination
  • Great for home practice
  • Perfect for kids who are 3 years & above


7. Fremont Die MLB Baseball Board Game

For an amazing indoor baseball playing experience, this full count baseball game is the best choice. It is one of the best kids’ baseball gifts that is easy to learn for players of all age groups. It features thrilling situations, including stolen bases, dual plays, and pickoffs.

The gaming board resembles a real ballpark with fans cheering in the pits. A dry erase marker and scoreboard make it easy to maintain the score.


  • Official MLB licensed game
  • Challenges even the most proficient MLB fans
  • Offers fun and quality time for the whole family
  • Suitable for kids who are 9 years & above


8. Franklin Sports Teeball Bat

The barracuda tee ball bat features a wide 2 5/8” barrel, providing a larger sweet spot to make good contact with the balls thrown.

The bat is made of aluminum alloy that is a long-lasting, high-performance material while still remaining lightweight and easy to control for kids.

The batting tape is extra tacky, offering superior grip and control. The product meets all USA baseball standards and is approved for league play.


  • Larger barrel than normal
  • Made of highly durable aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Extra strong grip
  • USA baseball approved


9. Rawlings Players Baseball Gloves

This lightweight glove from Rawlings is a reliable option for first-time players who are looking to learn the fundamentals of defensive play. It is great for kids to practice their baseball throwing and catching skills.

Soft and comfortable, it features a textured vinyl design for optimal balance. The basket-shaped web pattern makes it relatively easy for beginner players to scoop up grounders and grab flying balls.


  • Utility glove suitable for any position
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Basket web pattern for easy grabbing
  • Right-hand throw (fits on the left hand)
  • Comes with a soft core training ball


10. T-Ball Set for Kids

This one comes with everything your child needs to develop their skills in the game of baseball. Super easy to assemble, the set comes with 8 balls so your child never runs out of balls. The product is great for improving hand-eye coordination and bat-to-bat skills.

The T-ball set is made from durable material, designed to play both indoors and outdoors. It is equipped with a hang-on-the-wall design for convenient storage.


  • Improves motor skills
  • Equipped with 8 balls for on-going practice
  • Easy storage design
  • Little or no assembly required


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