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How are baseball gloves measured? Both baseball players and enthusiasts ask this question and try to find an answer to it.

Unlike what most people believe, manufacturers do not solely go by the size of one’s hand while manufacturing gloves. Technology also influences how gloves and mitts are manufactured and sold. Besides, they also do it based on the type of sport for which they intend to make gloves. 

This explains why baseball gloves differ from gloves for softball. 

The onus is on players to choose a glove depending on the type of sport they wish to play. Glove sizes also vary for different players. So, for an informed choice, a player needs to consider the appropriateness of the size of a glove depending on their position while playing the sport.

Read on to get a detailed insight into the process surrounding the measurement of baseball gloves.

Guidelines To Consider When Selecting A Baseball Glove

How is baseball glove size measured? To get an answer to this question when selecting a baseball glove, you need to bear a few things in mind. By doing so, you can choose the right item to enhance your game. 

If you wish to choose a glove of appropriate measurement for yourself, do not forget to consider the following points:

Make sure the glove you are choosing fits well

A. Consider your position in a baseball game

Different types of baseball gloves are for different positions. A glove intended for a specific position is made to meet a player’s requirements for that position in a game.

Based on different positions, a baseball glove may belong to one of the following categories:

  • First baseman gloves: First basemen focus more on preventing injuries while playing a game. They wear unique gloves to attain this goal. The current version of these gloves looks a bit different than how they used to look before. At present, these gloves for baseball are of larger sizes to help players receive the throws with ease.
  • Catcher’s mitts: Catcher’s gloves are sturdily built to ensure durability. Given that catchers are more vulnerable to getting injuries than others, catcher’s mitts come across with extra protection. 
  • Infielders gloves: Gloves for infielders are generally lightweight and the infield glove size is mostly medium. Midfielders prefer gloves with larger pockets and web trapeze. As infielders need to quickly release the ball, these gloves have shallow pockets to facilitate it. Shortstops, midfielders, and third basemen use these gloves.
  • The average 1st base glove sizes, the 2nd base glove size, and the size of gloves for third basemen are 11⅕, 11¾, and 12⅕ respectively.
  • Outfield gloves: Outfield gloves are generally larger and feature a web design between the fingers and the thumb. Players wear them to catch strong balls, so they have deeper pockets. Though the average size of these gloves is 12 inches, their selection based on the size factor rests at a player’s discretion.

B. Try picking up a glove that is suitable for multiple purposes

If you are neither a first baseman nor a catcher, a pair of versatile gloves can help meet your requirements. Do not forget to consider longevity alongside versatility while buying such gloves.

C. Check the leather quality of a glove and examine if it is durable

Some leather gloves are entirely built using leather. On the other hand, you would also find gloves made from veneers and other non-leather materials. Generally, branded manufacturers use high-quality leather to make baseball gloves.

So, you may feel a lot assured by buying gloves from such manufacturers.

But an important thing to remember is that just because the brand of a glove does not guarantee its quality. So, you need to examine or check out the quality of a glove before buying it.

D. Ensure the chosen item is within your budget

A high-quality product indeed comes at a price.  But it does not mean that you should overlook your budget or affordability. As much as this rule applies to other items, it is also applicable for buying a baseball glove.

You can get quality stuff within a given budget. All you need to do to get such a product is spending some time doing your research. While you do it, try comparing the prices of baseball gloves from different brands. It will help you choose a quality product without exceeding your budget.

E. Take a look at the webbing of a glove

When buying baseball gloves, most players keep the aspect of webbing in their minds. There is a good reason for it. The gloves that have securely attached webbings last longer than the ones that do not have this feature.

From midfielders to pitchers and middle infielders, webbing assists everyone in different ways based on their positions and game strategies.

Keeping in mind your position in a baseball game, you should think about selecting the pocket, back, and wrist of a pair of baseball gloves while buying them.

How To Measure Hand Size For Baseball Gloves

Now that you know a thing or two about buying a pair of baseball gloves, you might also want to know how to measure baseball glove size

You might be curious to find a solution to it as baseball gloves come in different sizes these days. You might want to identify the right baseball glove size.

It is a long process involving the following steps:

  • Consider investing in one of the gloves that are a size down if there is a variation of 0.25” of your middle finger.
  • Choose a baseball glove depending on your position in the field. That is to say, pick up your baseball gloves depending on whether you are a pitcher or an infielder, or an outfielder.
  • Thick gloves can make you feel uncomfortable when you play a baseball game, so choose thin gloves for the ultimate comfort.
  • Refer to a baseball glove size chart to determine the right size of a glove.
  • Get an insight into your hand circumference by measuring your hand with a measuring tape. It is particularly useful when you buy a pair of gloves online.
  • Consider your playing hand while choosing a glove.
  • Go for versatile gloves if it suits you well.
  • Consider durability and your budget while buying your baseball gloves.

When measuring a baseball glove, it is a good idea to keep a chart handy. Refer to the table below to determine how to size gloves.

Age Catcher First Base Shortstop/Second Base Third Base Pitcher Outfield
Less than 7 Years 29.5-30" 11.5" 8-10.5" 8-10.5" 8-10.5" 9-10.5"
8 To 10 Years 30-31" 11.5-12" 10.5-11.25" 10.5-11.5" 10.5-11.5" 10-12"
11 to 13 Years 30-32.5" 11.5-12" 11-11.5" 11.5-11.75" 11.5-12" 11.75-12.75"
Above 14 Years 32-34.5" 12-13" 11.25-11.5" 11.5-12" 11.5-12" 12-13"

With the above baseball gloves size guide, you can determine the right size of your baseball gloves. 
Whether you have been looking for youth baseball gloves size charts, or a chart for children and teenagers, the chart above lists the requisite details for all age groups.

Understanding Glove Sizes By Position

The position of a baseball player also plays a vital role in determining the size of gloves.

Wondering how to determine baseball glove size based on a player’s position? You can simplify the process by breaking it down into different positions. By considering the size of gloves for each position separately, you will get a clear idea about the size of gloves.

Refer to the table below to understand how to choose baseball glove size based on playing position in a game.

Position Common glove Sizes
Catcher 32.5″-35″
Pitcher 11.5″-12″
First Base 12.25″-12.75″
Second Base 11″-11.5″
Third Base 11.5″-12″
Shortstop 11.25″-11.75″


The general information plus the size charts above answer the question on the measurement of baseball gloves. Whether you have been playing baseball for some time or are new to it, following the above guidelines and the size chart will help you choose the right gloves. The market trends differ for sales of gloves depending on age and position.

By choosing the right glove for yourself, you will be able to enhance your performance as well as the comfort level while playing a baseball game.

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