page title icon How to Juggle a Soccer Ball?

Bored with the same moves in soccer and want to learn how to juggle a soccer ball? Ahh!

It’s going to be a lot of fun, but at the same time, this can be a challenging skill to master. 

You will have to invest plenty of time and patience to gain mastery over it. However, some soccer players consider it of no use, but they are wrong.

Every soccer player has some class, and learning how to juggle a soccer ball shows that. 

Thus, here we are with some necessary tips on how to juggle a soccer ball step-by-step. 

Pro tips for juggling a soccer ball

Follow these professional tips shared by experts to learn how to get better at juggling soccer

Start by dropping a ball in your hand

First of all, you need to hold the ball in your hand, keeping the height equal to your chest. Drop it and allow the ball to bounce. As it reaches the foot, kick it up in the air using your dominant foot. Now, catch it with your hand as soon as it comes to your chest height. 

During kicking, make sure to keep the ankle movement at zero to make it strong and angle to a certain level. Moreover, don’t use laces when kicking the ball. Instead, you can kick with your toes to have strong control over it. If your laces are double-noted, avoid kicking with them, or else the ball will move at an unexpected angle. 

After you’ve gotten used to kicking up to your chest height, you can try catching by kicking up to your head height.

Use both feet

Being a soccer player means that you must know how to use both of your feet whenever required. No doubt, your dominant foot will work more but don’t forget to use another one too for juggling.

Professional soccer players know how to balance both while juggling the soccer ball. What we can suggest for you is to juggle with your right foot for 5 minutes and then use your left one to repeat the same. 

Combine your practice session with music because it can make your feet move faster and more enjoyable. Sometimes, you may do extra than your usual record. 

Use a little underinflated soccer ball.

If you want to learn how to juggle a soccer ball smartly, use a little under-inflated soccer ball. It will allow you to have full control over the ball, as they bounce less after the kick. This way, you can learn how to juggle a soccer ball easily by reducing the bouncing intensity of the ball. 

Don’t kick your legs up too high.

Never ever kick your legs up too high because you will lose control. Beginners commit this mistake, which causes a delay in learning the process of juggling perfectly. 

Begin by kicking slowly and gradually increasing your kicking strength. Day by day, you will experience plenty of improvement in your juggling skills. 

Practice while standing still, then progress slowly.

How can you learn to juggle soccer balls by standing still? Surprising, right? Don’t take it in the wrong sense. 

Most newbie soccer players have no idea of how to control the ball. That’s the basic thing to learn in juggling. And this is only possible by practising juggling in a steady position. 

If you are juggling the soccer ball but your body is moving a lot, then you are doing it wrong. Hence, maintaining good body position while using the right body parts in juggling matters. 

The best tip we can give is to do it while standing. Thereafter, practise while walking slowly. Finally, put some pressure on the team or opponents. 

At earlier stages practise with dominant foot, later try alternating feet

When you are in the early stages of juggling, it’s better to practise with the dominant foot and then use your alternating feet. 

Drop the ball to the ground and kick it in the air using the right foot with proper control. Make sure the ball reaches at least to your waist height. 

If your left foot is dominant, then use that instead of your right one. Replace your foot with the alternate foot. Remember, while doing this, you may lose control of your body and move. 

Set small goals for yourself daily.

Practising alone will not suffice if you do not set daily goals for yourself. As you begin to set daily goals for yourself, strive to meet them in order to improve your juggling abilities.

You can use a stopwatch to replace your dominant foot with the alternate one at some intervals. 

Remain consistent.

No matter how many days it takes in knowing how to juggle a soccer ball like a pro, keep practising, practising, and practising. 

On some days, it will make you feel energized and like you are not making any progress, and on other days, you may end up breaking your own records. 

Just don’t forget to lose your consistency in any situation, and soon you will learn how to juggle a soccer ball like a pro

What’s the best thing you can do to learn how to juggle a soccer ball?

The key to learning how to juggle a soccer ball is to practise as much as you can. Because once you immerse yourself in this game, then it’s all about what you do practically for improvement. You need to challenge yourself if you want to be a classy soccer player. 

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