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Most baseball players or enthusiasts look for an answer to the following question:

What is the size of baseball gloves? But there is no direct answer to it as the appropriateness for gloves varies from one individual. Though technology plays an important role in the sale of gloves and mitts, it depends on one’s age, body weight, the size of one’s hand, and so on.

For a player, coupled with the above criteria, choosing gloves based on their strengths is imperative to put their best performance in a game.

Read on to get detailed information about how to determine baseball glove size plus the other related aspects to boost your performance.

Baseball Glove Size Guide

When it comes to choosing a pair of gloves, most people tend to confuse between the gloves for softball and baseball. However, both sports are different from one another.

As a result, a player needs to pick up a pair of gloves depending on the type of sport they wish to play.

So, what are the sizes of baseball gloves?

Before you conclude to find an answer to this question What is the size of baseball gloves? you need to know that hand size is not the only criteria to select baseball gloves. As a player, you also need to consider your position in the game. 

Gloves for different positions tend to vary from one another. Manufacturers tailor them to the needs of players so they can perform well as per their game strategy.

Apart from your playing position, you also need to consider two other factors. These include your age and the level at which you play. For instance, you may play at the T-Ball or youth or adult levels.

Wondering what size baseball glove should I get? No worries, though. The chart given below will guide you through.

Level Age Position Glove Size
T-Ball 3-6 years All Postion 8.5”-10”
Youth7-12 years First Base 11.5”-12”
Youth7-12 years Infield10.25”-11.5”
Youth7-12 years Outfield11.5”-12.25”
Youth7-12 yearsCatcher30”-32”
AdultAbove 12 First Base12”-13”
AdultAbove 12 Infield11”-12.25”
AdultAbove 12 Outfield12”-13”
AdultAbove 12 Catcher32”-35”

From the chart, it stands out that players who play at the youth and adult levels need to consider their position while choosing an appropriate glove for themselves.

At the adult level, the size of gloves for shortstop ranges between 11.25” and 11.75”. On the other hand, the size of gloves for pitcher/3rd base ranges between 11.5” and 12”.

Guide To Finding The Perfect Glove Size

What is the size of baseball gloves

You can refer to the above section to determine the right size of the glove, depending on your age.

Next up, you might want to know how to choose the right size baseball glove if you wish to deliver the desired performance with consistency.

When you come to think of it, you can choose your gloves based on different positions as given below.

Outfield Glove

While choosing outfield gloves, most baseball players opt for versatile pieces. But an individual would be better off considering the specific requirements for these gloves.

Wondering how to choose baseball glove size for outfield glove?

Outfielders need to catch balls that come into the gloves from a higher position. Gloves with deeper pockets are useful for this purpose. Also, it is essential to consider the length of the gloves. Longer gloves make it easier for a player to grab the ball and hold on to it even if it comes from a higher position.

With these considerations, you can choose a piece in conjunction with your age-related requirements by referring to the above table.

Middle Infield Glove

Along with the size of the outfield glove, you might also want to know the method to pick up the middle infield glove.

But how do you pick the right size baseball glove? Just like the selection process for outfield gloves, you also need to focus on the specifics for a precise choice.

As a middle infielder, you would want a glove that would help you with quick throws. For best results, you might want to go for a piece that would let you do it without losing control. This should be the idea if you are a second baseman or a shortstop.

You may opt for a longer piece if you take the position of a third baseman in a game.

First Base Mitt

The first base mitt has many similarities to that of a catcher’s mitt. However, one fundamental feature that draws a line of distinction between both is the type of padding. The first base mitt has less padding than the catcher’s mitt.

So, how to pick the right size baseball glove for the first base mitt?

The first base mitt has a shallow pocket which helps with quick returns. Its features are designed accordingly. You can consider this feature while choosing the first base mitt.

Third Base Glove

Third basemen occupy an important position from the standpoint of fielding the ground ball. They need to send the return to the first base as quickly as possible.

The choice of the glove plays a vital role in the performance of a third base glove.

Catcher’s Mitt

A catcher’s mitt is designed to absorb the heavy impact of the sting. Generally, a pitcher’s throw is responsible for creating this impact. So, a catcher’s mitt is designed for heavy use.

The market keeps changing, and the sale of gloves also keeps changing according to different positions and age groups of players.

By keeping an eye on the current market trends, you can also save money while you strive to identify your preferred pair of baseball gloves.

Final Thoughts

You can refer to the table and the information above to make an informed decision on how to choose the size of a baseball glove.

If you are serious about enhancing your performance in the baseball games that you play, you would want to ensure that you get the right gloves.

While most players opt for versatile gloves to save money, opting for specifics is a good idea. Referring to the aforementioned information is your best bet to get the right product.

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