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Sports are a part of our life. It is essential for perfect health, pleasure, or casual time with your friends. The pleasure can be felt with the perfect amenities, which give you the maximum stability and keeps you safe while playing.

Cornilleau 500M table tennis table is one of the best outdoor ping pong table that we have looked at so far. Cornilleau is a very well-known brand of ping pong tables, easy to store and fold.

So, let us have a perfect outlook about the product and the way it can help you make a perfect choice. The following Cornilleau 500M Review is the best to give you a perfect idea.

Table of Contents:

  1. Features
  2. Specifications
  3. Review
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. FAQs
  6. Final Verdict

Features of Cornilleau 500M Ping Pong Table

✔️ Exceptional Design

The Cornilleau 500M Table Tennis Table is one of the best designs of table tennis tables, which is particularly suitable for the outdoors.

The design which makes it outstanding is the structure, which makes it easily foldable, storage supportive. The entire setup is supported with the help of levers, which helps you enjoy more.

The laminated material helps keep the product stay safe against rusting and corrosion. The surface also protects it from the sunlight.

✔️ Thick 7mm Resin Laminated Surface

This is one of the best features making Cornilleau 500M outdoor table tennis table weatherproof. This helps protect the surface from moisture. The coating is made in the upper end, making it portable for outdoors.

You can use the table tennis table all year round. There are additional corner protectors that make it safe from undesirable bashing and chipping. The structure makes it a perfect one to be used by kids.

✔️ Durable Weather-Resistant Frame

The frame that is used makes it protective against the chances of rusting. The steel frame is almost 2.25 inch making it easy to support the tabletop. The legs have wide feet. This design aspect helps the product to attain extra support.

✔️ Easy to Fold

The design helps the product to stay ahead of the competitors. The storage dimensions are also perfect in terms of dimensions i.e. 107.9 x 60 x 29.9 inches. This design makes sure that the product never gets collapsed unexpectedly.

✔️ Twin Wheels to Make It Supportive

This is another dashing feature of the product. The support makes it reliable to move on different kinds of surfaces. The huge oversized 200mm double wheels make it mobile when compared to many other setups. Some wheels help keep the table stable. The feature also gives additional support against the large obstacles.

Besides, the above features there are some other features which can make the product exceptionally good. Bat and ball storage cum dispensers are making it reliable.

A weatherproof net makes it easy to retract. The assembly time is only 90 minutes, which makes the product exceptionally quick when compared to many other similar setups.

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Dimensions 9 ft x 5 ft
Surface thickness 7 mm
Assembly time 90 minutes
Average weight 158.7 pounds

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Ping Pong Table Review

The Cornilleau outdoor ping pong table is essentially built for the outdoors. The product hails from a well-respected manufacturer, thus making it a high-quality table. The product is listed as one of the top 5 recommended outdoor tables for playing table tennis.

There is a 7 mm resin laminate, anti-glare supportive, waterproof, which gives the table surface a great bounce.

The table is so handy that people of any age group can use it. Even kids find the product satisfying. Little ball dispensers are making it a perfect one to make playing more practical.

The height of the table is also adjustable, making it perfect and extremely convenient — the product is renowned for the quality served by it.

The Cornilleau 500M outdoor table tennis table has wheelchair friendly support making it easy to be used as a wheelchair as well. One can easily choose between the colors grey and blue. Both the colors are attractive to the customers.

You can easily choose to adjust the tension and height of the net. When you are finished playing with it, the setup retracts. The withstanding capacity of the product is also remarkable.

The table tennis table has the support of the massive double wheels, which makes it easy to move around. The massive size makes it stand out from the competitors.

This entire design makes it perfect for the outdoors. There are handy ball dispensers that make it convenient and are attached to each end of the table.

The weight of the product is about 72 kgs, which may sometimes prove to be fairly heavy. However, this feature makes it durable when compared to many other lighter products.

Sometimes, the product takes a lot of time to be handled. However, the high price is due to the design aspect and the durability. The exceptional warranty period makes the product so reliable.

There has been a lot of dedication put to the improvement of design, table usability, as well as the overall features. Such features have let the product to gather huge customer support.

Pros & Cons

Some of the latest features introduced to the product make it outstanding. Let’s have a look.


  • Weather-resistant table surface
  • Double wheels
  • Corrosion proof frame
  • Convenient ball dispensers
  • Wheelchair friendliness
  • Available in two different colors
  • Retractable and adjustable weatherproof net availability
  • Warranty of the product is ten years


  • Heavy structure
  • The cost of the product is a little bit higher than many others

FAQs Before Buying Cornilleau 500M Table Tennis Table

Is this table ITTF approved?

Yes, this product is ITTF approved. The approval marks the product a reliable one.

Can this table be played in playback?

Yes, the product is perfectly designed to be played in the playback as well.

Does one side of the table fold up for one person to practice?

The foldability of the product is remarkable. This makes the product an appropriate one.

Does it come fully assembled?

The assemblage of the entire system is remarkable to make it a handy one at all circumstances.

Final Verdict

The Cornilleau 500M Crossover Outdoor table tennis table is an outstanding product in the market. The thick surface, heavyweight, durability, exceptional warranty period make it a perfect one when compared to many other products. You can also notice some other great features, which make it a recommended product.

The quality of the product makes it a suitable one to be used both indoors and outdoors. The exceptional quality of the product has made it perfect for fetching customer support. You can surely purchase the product and get the maximum benefits of playing table tennis out of it. Playing with this product can make the outing experience with your friends a moment of ultimate pleasure.

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