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Are you wondering if the Hall of Games Official Size Wood Table Tennis Table is the right table for you?

You are reading the right post at the moment and you can expect every single detail of this TT table in this post. We will walk you through the various important features of this TT table and by the time you reach the end of this post, you should be conveniently able to decide for yourself if this is the right TT table for you to buy.

With so many table tennis table brands available in the market, people may find it confusing to pick the right one for their playing. 

This article will familiarize you with the various features of the Hall of Games Official Size Wood Table Tennis table.

Table of Contents:

  1. Features
  2. Specifications
  3. Pros and Cons
  4. FAQs
  5. Final Verdict



The best feature of this table is the frame. The birch wood frame keeps the playing area stable even during the most rigorous games, without moving or tilting. The frame has a 2″ by 1″ size wooden frame with a painted apron. What is more important is that being a non-foldable model, you don’t have to worry about the table folding up during a game. 

Apart from being robust, this wooden frame adds elegance to your game room. The strong solid birch legs support the table pretty well. There is extra metal support below the table that provides additional stability.

There are wooden panels between the legs to provide additional support. The table comes with 2.5″ levelers to ensure that your playing surface is always even and the table doesn’t move, even if the floor is uneven.


Durability is an issue that many people face with table tennis tables. With the Hall Of Games Table Tennis table, you don’t have to worry about it as the manufacturer has constructed the table with solid wood for a long life.

The table comes with a laminated playing surface for good water-resistance. The playing surface doesn’t warp, which allows you to play many games on this excellent ping pong table.

Table Top

What is most important for any table tennis table is its playing surface. It is that area that decides the quality of your game. An ideal playing surface must provide you with the necessary bounce for the game to be enjoyable.

This Hall of Games table comes with a ¾” top made of MDF. This ensures that you get even bounce all through the surface. While the competition thickness for tournaments is 25 mm, this table has a 19 mm thick surface, which is good enough for preparing for a competition. 

The Hall of Games table comes with an MDF top that resists warping, which means you can enjoy playing on this table for many years. The manufacturers have laminated the top on both sides using PVC. That makes it water-resistance. 

Even if your region has high humidity, you don’t have to worry about your playing surface getting deformed. The playing surface is always even to provide you with an excellent game. 

Size of Playing Field

When you buy a TT table, you must know the size of your playing surface. The standard size for competitions is 9′ long by 5′ wide. The Hall of Games Table comes in this size, which means you can practice for a tournament on this TT table. If you practice with a different size, you may not be entirely comfortable to play on a table of regulation size.


People usually worry about the assembly of the table tennis table. For a home table, it must be easy to assemble, requiring no professional help. One cannot wait for anyone to come and assemble the table once you receive it. 

The Hall of Games table is easy to set up, even though you may need to tighten the screws to join the various pieces. Despite its heaviness, it is easy to flip over the table to assemble it if you have an extra pair of hands.


The table comes with a standard regulation size net. One can quickly fix the net using the clamps provided.


Playing Dimensions9’ L X 5’ W X 2.5’ H
Weight243 Lbs
Playing Surface Thickness19 mm
Playing Surface MaterialMDF
Frame MaterialWood
Package ContainsTable, Net

The Hall Of Games Table Is Best For Your Home

Several things make the product great. The Hall Of Games Official Size Wood Table Tennis table fulfills all criteria that make a table tennis table best for home use. You can use it either to play for fun with your family or to practice for an official tournament. So, what makes it ideal for your home?

The table has a sturdy construction, made of a birch wood frame, which keeps the table steady even in severe playing. The Hall of Games TT table comes with unique levelers to ensure that it remains stable with a good playing experience.

The MDF tabletop is pretty strong and comes with an apron that prevents it from warping. The PVC lamination protects the playing top from being affected by moisture. You don’t need to worry about the impact of any weather changes on the table. The playing surface has a thickness of 19mm, and this offers a great bounce, almost similar to that of an official table tennis table.  

The table is best suited for home because you can quickly assemble the table without any expert’s help. The TT table comes with all the items that are necessary for assembly. The TT table also comes with a competition-size net, which you can easily clamp to the table. 

The table has received excellent reviews from those who have used it. The table is highly durable because of the high-quality materials used for its construction. 

Pros and Cons


  • The table is available in regulation size
  • 19 mm tabletop provides excellent bounce
  • Water-resistant PVC laminated tabletop
  • Robust wooden construction with metal reinforcement
  • Height levelers provide even surface


  • Cannot be folded for storage
  • No solo play facility


1. What makes the Hall of Games Table Tennis table most suitable for home use?

One can use the table for leisurely playing at home or serious training for a game. However, unlike tournament tables, this TT table doesn’t have a full-thickness tabletop. But the 19 mm thick playing surface makes it useful for a player to train for any competition game as it offers excellent bounce. The table also comes in regulation size, and by practicing on this TT table, you will have no problem playing on a tournament table. 

2. What is the Hall Of Games table made of?

The Hall of Games Table comes with an MDF table top and a PVC lamination, making the tabletop water-resistant alongside a decent bounce. The table frame has metal reinforcements to keep the table in a stable position even when the game played is pretty intense. 

3. What is the size of the Hall of Games Table Tennis Table?

The Hall of Games table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet tall. The TT table comes in the regulation size as in tournament tables, and practicing on this table makes one fit to play any competition. 

Final Verdict

We are sure you now understand the features of this table well. The TT table can serve the needs of all table tennis players. This table comes in size preferred in tournaments, and hence it is suitable for practice tournament level of playing. 

All materials used for making this table are of high quality, and hence there is no question of its durability. The Hall of Games Table Tennis table is an excellent buy for your home and should give you and your family members many hours of fun and exercise. 

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