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In today’s age of the 21st century, the whole world seems to be inclining on multiple C’s. We all work upon to bring about compactness, customization, comfort, and convenience in all walks of life, whether its sports or home realm.

JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table is the latest and most captivating innovation transforming the game played within the doors to outdoor locations.

Play ping pong now out in your lawn or backyard with friends and family at all slash of the day with this portable table tennis table. This table is crafted with the aim to enhance the experience of playing ping pong in an enticing environment, adding more pleasure and thrill to the game.

JOOLA Aluminum table tennis table is a compact and movable table, specially made for an outdoor game. It is manufactured by official and the leading table tennis brand of US National Championships and US open, approved by USATT.

The main purpose behind the making of this outdoor table is to make the game of table tennis into an outdoor game, as it has been utterly an indoor game right from its inception.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Features
  2. Specifications
  3. Review
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. FAQs
  6. Final Verdict

Features of JOOLA Aluminum Table Tennis Table

  • Composition

Environmental wear and tear have minimal effect on table tennis tables kept inside, and as a result, they can be presumed to have a longer life.

On the other hand, the same cannot be said for the outdoor ping pong table as placed outside in a sunny or rainy day when humidity, rain, and hot sun are at its peak.

But JOOLA Aluminum table rules out the scenario mentioned earlier as it is purposely constructed for outdoor locations with a core feature of its weather-proof components.

With the surface thickness of 6mm, this table is made from the blend of plastic and aluminum material assuring weather-resistant body.

No matter how good you construct a table, it is of no use if the table does not assist the players during the game.

Keeping in mind the aforesaid view, the manufacturer has maintained its composition to support bounce as well as the performance of players.

Its 16mm X 16mm sized undercarriage is rust-resistant and powder-coated, ensuring strong support to the table top.

The net of table tennis table too is 100% waterproof thereby making the entire table absolutely unaffected by weather. The weatherproof net set is accompanied with the JOOLA ping pong table.

  • Assembling

 A table tennis table cannot be light in weight and this is why its portability remains in question. It’s obviously hard to move a heavy one by yourself to your lawn or backyard.

But JOOLA aluminum outdoor table tennis table does not need too many helpers; instead, you can move the table with great ease on your own.

The table top comes in the pre-assembled form and all that you are supposed to do is to attach its leg with the table.

You can carry dismantled two halves of tabletop and get it connected. You don’t have to be professionally trained to bring together all its components. Just follow the instructions and assemble it on your own.

  • Playback Position

JOOLA Aluminum TT Table

 Its playback feature facilitates the player to challenge himself as your friends and colleagues may not turn up on the right time.

Practice hard whenever and wherever you feel like even in the absence of another player as this table features playback position that makes playing alone possible.

You may lift and keep the other half of the table straight by just unbolting some screws and confront the player in you.

  • Safety Feature

Safety is to be ensured primarily by a buyer as no fun is more important than your own or your family’s safety.

JOOLA confirms your safety first as it is equipped with a wheel locking system that keeps the table firm irrespective of quantum of energy and zeal with which you play on it.

It is potent in bearing your arrogance, high spirits by staying firm in all possible situations. Also, its strong undercarriage and welded steel legs safeguard it from warping.

Its 8 wheels assure easy movement when unlocked and give high degree immovability on being locked.

  • The Net System

JOOLA outdoor aluminum table tennis table with weatherproof net facilitates easy and quick installation of the net in the center of the table.

You just need to adjoin the clamps to the table to make the net stand upright with the strength to withstand the power with which a ball is hit by the player. Clamps are made of strong plastic along with net of weather-proof material.

  • Wheels

JOOLA Aluminum Outdoor Table

The table stands on tough 3-inch wheels with four wheels bearing the load of one half of the table. It can be said that the whole table on being assembled stands on total 8 wheels.

It features flexible or modifiable leveling feet making the game of table tennis attuned for people of all age and height.

  • Easy to fold up, Convert or Store

You don’t have to vacate a separate room of your house to store it. Little space is enough for it as its parts can be dismantled and stored anywhere in your home/office/farmhouse.

You can separate the two courts of the table, its legs, and wheels easily and keep in any corner of your house.


Dimensions 9×5 foot regulation size outdoor table tennis table
Grade of net Tournament grade
Foldable Yes
Playing surface thickness 6mm
Playback mode Yes
Adjustable height leg levelers Yes
Roll and lock Yes
Included Table, net, 2 posts

JOOLA Aluminum Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review – Best Table for any Weather

The JOOLA outdoor table tennis table is a great choice for people in love with the ping pong and doesn’t like to go to the clubs to play. You can pursue your passion and play the game right at your home.

This is a great choice for people not having enough space in their house as it needs compact storage space and can be placed anywhere outdoors.

On being compared to the prices of other ping pong tables of the same categories, it is much cheaper despite its excellence in quality (Check price at Amazon >>). It assures years of use with little care.


  • Easy to store
  • Absolutely weather resistant
  • Can be played by a single player
  • Not as heavy as tournament tables
  • Easy to drag with wheels
  • Quick to pull together and doing it in pieces is mere a 10 minutes job
  • People of all ages and different height can easily play on it with its adjustable height feature


  • You have to spend more on oars and balls.
  • It is not recommended for professional purpose.

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FAQs While Buying JOOLA Aluminum Table

Q. What should be the standard bounce at the tournament table and does the bouncing capacity of the ball on JOOLA differs?

Ans. A standard table produces the bounce of 23 cm or 9.1 inches; however, the bounce recorded at JOOLA Aluminum table is found less than above standards. It is good for recreational purpose.

Q. What is the time of assembling it?

Ans. It comes in 95% assembled form. So it takes around 10-15 minutes to put its all part together.

Q. Is it rough and tough to use?

Ans. Yes, it is majorly made of aluminum, steel and tough plastic that gives its durability.  It offers value worth the prices that you are supposed to pay for it.

Q. How effectively it overcomes weather impacts?

Ans. You can keep it outside without actually fearing rust as its legs have a coating of non-corrosive powder; and moreover, the steel doesn’t rust. But a bit of care will augment its utility to you only, so it is advisable to either cover it or dismantle it when not in use.

Final Verdict

If you aspire to be the professional table tennis player in the world, then we would not recommend you to practice on JOOLA Aluminium table.

The reason being the bounce as tables used at professional levels have more bounce in comparison to the bounce produced at JOOLA.

It is an ideal pick for leisure and fun as it is economically priced, easy to assemble, dismantle, move and store.

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