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Recreation at home can have many benefits. It need not always be for spending your spare time only. You can make your pastime contribute to your health and fitness.

Playing a game at home can keep the family having fun together and, at the same time, keep everyone fit and healthy. Playing table tennis is an excellent way to spend time with your family. It is a game that can be played almost anywhere you choose.

Everyone can play table tennis irrespective of age or health condition. But the important thing is to select a good table tennis table for home. The table must enable you to play for fun and to perfect your game. The JOOLA Tour Table Tennis table is an ideal choice, and in this article, we will explain why it is so.

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  3. Pros and Cons
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  5. Final Verdict



Many people who buy a table tennis table for their homes consider the frame’s strength a significant parameter to select their product. This is because a more robust frame will mean that the table will not collapse or fall, causing injury. A more robust frame also ensures that the ping pong table will last a long time. 

The Joola table comes with strong steel legs that will carry the weight of the table easily. A steel apron supports the top, which prevents the top from warping.

In houses with small children, this is an important feature. There are caster wheels that allow easy movement of the table. The leg levelers will ensure that you have an even surface for playing.

Playing Area

The most crucial part of any table tennis table is the playing area. The JOOLA Tour Table comes in a regulation size, which is 9 feet in length and 5 feet in width.

This is the same size of tables used in all competitions. When you practice on this table, you can get yourself ready for playing any competitive match as the sizes are the same. 

The thickness of the playing surface decides how well you play your game, and the thickness of table tops in official matches is 25 mm. But tables with such tops are costly and not required for home use or practice. The Joola table has an MDF board top with 15 mm thickness. This is enough to provide a good bounce for the ball. For beginners and recreational players, this type of surface will suffice.

Storage & Mobility

An essential factor to consider for table tennis tables for home is the ease of storage. Most homes will not have a separate room for the table. This means you will have to store it to keep it out of the way when not in use.

One should be able to use available compact spaces for storing the table. You can separate the JOOLA Tour indoor table into two halves and store it. Each half occupies a minimal space, which means this table is most suited for home use. 

This table comes with four locking caster wheels for each half. This facilitates you to transport each half to its storage space easily. There is no danger of the table tilting or falling when moving to its space.

The wheels also help in moving the complete table to any place you intend to play the game. A unique locking system keeps the wheels from moving, thus keeping the table stable during a game.

Solo Playing Facility

It is not just to play with the family that many people buy a table tennis table. They wish to practice and perfect their game too. But what if they don’t get an opponent to play with? How can you practice if there is no one to play the game with? 

This problem doesn’t arise with the Joola Table. It is a ping pong table with a single-player playback mode that allows you to play alone. One half of the table will fold up to give you a rebounding surface for you to train for a match or tournament.


A table meant for the home must have the best safety features. It should not cause any harm to kids or others at home. The Joola table has considered everything. The two halves separate to form easily movable parts for storage.

There is an anti-tilting system that will prevent the parts from tilting and injuring someone. The locks of the caster wheels ensure that the table doesn’t move by itself.

Other Features

The net on the table is as important as the table itself. The Joola tour table with a quick clamp ping pong net set comes with a tournament-grade net. You can easily fix the net to the table using the clip-on clamp.

You can use the table leg levelers to keep the table on a level on any floor. This will ensure an even playing surface. The table comes almost completely assembled, and so it takes just 10 minutes for you to start playing once it reaches home.


Playing Dimensions9’ L X 5’ W X 2.5’ H
Surface Thickness15 mm
Weight162.6 Lbs
Table Top MaterialMDF
Storage ConvenienceFoldable
Package IncludesTable & Net

The Best Ping Pong Table For Home

Anyone wishing to spend time with their family playing a sport and keeping themselves fit will prefer to have the Joola Tour table at home. An excellent buy for the price offered, this table fits the bill for fun and serious players. It is perfect for home because of the comfortable storage facility and safety aspects. 

The JOOLA Tour table tennis table comes in regulation size, making it the best table for practicing table tennis at home. Being the same as the competition table size, you can perfect your game to face any opponent.

The 15 mm thick tabletop provides enough bounce for playing a good game. This table is most suitable to train the kids at home in this game. The older adults at home who like to keep themselves fit can use this for a leisurely game.

This table comes with locking caster wheels that make movement easy inside the home. You can ensure that the TT table doesn’t accidentally fall or tilt in the middle of a game by locking the wheels.

It makes this table safe for home use. The table separates into two halves to facilitate easy storage. The wheels in each half enable you to move the pieces easily to any narrow storage space. 

When you consider all aspects, this is an excellent purchase for the price offered. Users of this table have only good things to say about it.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes in regulation size
  • Strong steel frame 
  • Caster wheels with locking system
  • Easy to store
  • Solo Playing facility


  • Only for a leisurely game


1. Why is the JOOLA table tennis table suitable for home use?

The table is excellent for beginners as it comes with a medium level of bounce. It is not as expensive as tables with regulation thickness playing surfaces. Folding the table is pretty easy, and you can also store it in compact storage. There are enough safety features to ensure that nobody gets injured while playing or storing the table. 

2. What is the JOOLA Tour table made of?

The JOOLA Tour table has a heavy-grade steel frame, which makes it very durable. The table comes with an MDF top, which offers an excellent bounce while also being resistant to warping. The top is also strong and will not wear off soon. 

3. Does the Joola table allow solo playing?

You can use the JOOLA Tour indoor table for solo playing. One side of the table folds up to form a surface to rebound the ball when playing alone. You can play the game at home even if there is no opponent. 

Final Verdict

Analyzing the Joola table tennis table’s various features, we can say it is the most suitable table for home use. The table has a surface that provides excellent bounce for you to improve your game. It is also suitable for beginners at home to learn new tricks of the game. 

The safety features of the TT table are pretty reliable. You can use and store this table with no fear of injury, even when you have kids at home. It is also easy to store, even in small-sized homes. This is a table that will satisfy the needs of most people. 

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