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Mental alertness, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes are the three useful characteristics that keep a ping pong player ahead of others.

These days, every table tennis player looks for a ping pong that can help them hone these skills. Also, they prefer a table that fares well in terms of saving them from injuries and falls.

Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table has all these qualities. Plus, it also gives newbies as well as professional tennis players full value for their money with certain other additional features.

Regardless of whether one wants to play the game at lawn or one’s backyard or even indoors, this innovative table tennis table with an inventive design is fit for use in all these places.

It is common for a ping pong table to be suitable for the indoor setting. But to be equally useful for the outdoor environment, it needs to have other select features.

The product, according to its manufacturer, has enough juice to meet players’ expectations on this front.

But is Kettler Topstar ping pong table as good as its manufacturer claims it to be? For getting a sneak peek of its features and go through the product review to get an answer to this vital question.

Table of Contents:

  1. Features
  2. Specifications
  3. Review
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. FAQs
  6. Final Verdict

Features of Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table

✔️ Assembly

On average, the time needed to set up this outdoor ping pong table, if you are skillful enough, is 2 hours. It may be more in the case of newbies, though. While you can set up the table alone, you may need another helping hand at times while setting up the table.

If you experience any difficulty, the next thing you need to do is refer to the instructions given in the manual. Fortunately, the instructions are clear. So, you can understand them without any issue.

✔️ Safety Features

When it comes to safety features, Kettler leaves no stone unturned to ensure the best for the buyers of its products.

Unlike some of the other tables from this and other brands in the market, Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table does not involve corner padding. As such, it exposes players to the risk of getting scraped up if they accidentally collide with the aluminum apron on the edge of the table.

However, feature-wise, it will neither opens nor closes accidentally during the game. Thus you can play the game with the knowledge that not get hurt in the course of playing the game with this table.

✔️ Playing Surface

The playing surface of this table is one of the best for all weather conditions. It can withstand rains as well as sunlight – thanks to its weatherproof technology.

If you rely on the bounce of a ping pong table to excel in the game, this table will give you your money’s worth. That is to say, you will get a good return on investment by buying this product.

Whether you are a recreational player or a professional, you will like this product the most for its bounce.

✔️ Construction

Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table Construction Layers

The 7/8″ tabletop of this product is tailor-made to control the climate. This feature comes in handy for those who play the game in places with turbulent weather conditions. You can compare the top of this table with other ping pong table of the best quality from distinct brands.

It comes across with 1.5-inch aluminum apron. It is decent enough to meet your needs. The best part about the construction of this product is that it offers a good bounce – an advanced feature that most players of the game run a search on the internet.

Also, the product comes with an anti-glare coating, which is decent enough to prevent visibility issues for players who use the table to play the game. However, it does not come across with adjustable levers. This is the only area of concern for the users of this product.

The net of Kettler Topstar ping pong table is one of the best to use. Setting it up is simple and easy. As such, you do not need to spend a lot of time and start playing the game in quick time on a busy day. What’s more, the net is adjustable as per the preferences of a user.

✔️ Storage/Movement

The product has dual-wheel casters of 5.5 inches each. You can use these caster wheels to roll the product whenever you want.

As far as its storage is concerned, you can put it away when you are not using it. Also, you can use the playback mode of the product.

Even when practicing with this table, you can fold its one side to get some self-practice. This way, you will never feel the need for a partner. You can use it to improve your game.

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Playing dimensions 108x60x30
Storage dimensions 72×26.25×64.75
Apron Aluminum
Weight 141 lbs

Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table Review

Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis is a ping pong table designed for self-practice. It is a weatherproof product that is conducive to outdoor use.

Apart from its weatherproof tabletop, the product also involves aluminum apron and UV scratch waterproof and fade-resistant paint. The aluminum apron prevents the product from warping due to a change in the weather conditions.

Due to the structure of the product, it is easy to assemble. However, it can take a little longer than usual. On average, a regular user can set it up in just a couple of hours. You may need more time if you are a newbie. Furthermore, you may feel the need for a helper to fit some of the parts and assemble them.

Kettler ping pong table net does not involve any netted corners. It stays firm in a specific position. So, there is not much that you can do in terms of adjustment.

Because it is portable, you can move it quickly from one place to the other without any hassle. Also, it is equally handy when it comes to storage. You can store this ping pong table even as there is little space left in the storage area of your home.

Kettler Topstar ping pong table tennis also comes across with some free accessories such as Halo outdoor table tennis paddles and table tennis balls.


  • Premium top
  • Waterproof
  • Portable
  • Free accessories


  • Lack of leg levers
  • A little complicated to assemble

FAQs Before Buying Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Is this table easy to fold up by one person?

While one person can assemble most of the parts of the table on their own, it takes a helping hand to attach some of its parts.

Can you fold up one side of the table for solo play?

Yes, you can fold one side up for self-practice.

Does this have leg levelers?

No, the product does not involve any leg leveler.

Which material is used in manufacturing the legs of the table?

Legs of the table are made of steel and also involve a coating of synthetic powder along with galvanized treatment.

Final Verdict

As far as choosing this product is concerned, it comes down to your preferences. If you want a premium table tennis table for outdoor environment protection features even in ailing weather conditions, then this is the right product for you. Leaving aside the fact that it may pose a problem on uneven surfaces, and its net does not allow flexibility, the product has every other feature in the book, which makes it the best buy.

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