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Are you looking for a comprehensive picture of the Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table before going ahead with buying one? This post will get you completely familiar with the various features of this TT Table.

Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table – Undoubtedly, the Best Outdoor TT Table with a Sleek Design for a relaxing experience.

The Killerspin myt7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table comes with various important features to offer you a great playing experience with your friends and family.

The best part is the TT Table is not that heavy and is suitable for all levels of players. The Killerspin Table Tennis Table Myt7 Blackstorm offers an excellent bounce and you will certainly enjoy every moment you spend playing on the table.

We have carefully tested the various aspects of the outdoor table and found them to be up to the mark. This review will give you a comprehensive picture of the Killerspin Blackstorm Table.

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Features of Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table

Table Construction

MyT7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table has a brilliant design and comes with an Aluminum-plastic top, which makes the table completely weather-resistant and waterproof. The TT Table measures 9’ x 5’ and has 75mm wheels. 

Besides, the TT Table comes with a clip-on net and post system. You can store as many as 8 balls and 2 paddles at each end of the table. 


Assembling the table is ridiculously easy and quick. It takes only about 15 minutes to set up the TT Table. Even though it is an outdoor TT Table and you may have to fold it and set it up again quite often, you don’t need to worry much since it only takes a few minutes to set it up. 

That way, you won’t have to spend much time and effort on setting up the Table and you would rather focus on enjoying the game.

Easy to fold

You can fold the Killerspin Blackstorm Table into pretty compact dimensions, which will eventually help you easily store it in a corner without needing much space. 

Apart from that, the TT table has a good safety locking system to ensure it stands firmly at its position. This means the TT table won’t ever fall unexpectedly and this is undoubtedly a great feature to avoid accidents.

Playing Experience

The Killerspin MyT7 Blackstorm offers a brilliant ball bounce. The Aluminum plastic top keeps the surface even and there is no warping. Besides, the table comes with pockets on either side that can hold up to eight balls for a better and convenient playing experience. 

Further, you can use the solo playback mode for practicing and perfecting your skills. For using the solo playback mode, you can fold one half of the table, and deliver your ball. That way, the ball would bounce back on the folder half and return to you.

Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm Specifications

Dimensions64x60x24 inches
Weight170 pounds
Playing surface thickness4mm
Playback modeYes
Adjustable height leg levelersYes
Roll and lockYes

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Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table Review 

The Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table is an ideal TT Table for a brilliant outdoor TT playing experience. The table offers a decent bounce and comes with a clip-on net and post. Most importantly, you can assemble the table in no time and start playing. It is equally quick to fold the table and store it. 

Besides, you can easily level the table as per your playing requirements since it comes with adjustable levelers. The TT table also comes with an impressive safety locking system to ensure there is no possibility of an accident. Both the ends have pockets to hold up to eight balls. The best part is one can use the solo play mode and practice. 

As far as storing the table goes, it is extremely convenient and quick to fold it. Besides, the TT table fits easily in a compact storage. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Solo play mode
  • Decent ball bounce
  • Good safety locking system
  • Clip-on net and post system
  • Fits in compact storage


  • No cover included

FAQs Before Buying the Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table

  • How is the bounce on the Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table?

The Killerspin Myt7 has an Aluminum plastic top and the playing surface thickness is just 4mm. This helps the ball have an excellent bounce which subsequently provides the players with a great playing experience. 

  • What are some features that make the Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table an ideal outdoor Table Tennis Table?

The Killer Myt7 Blackstorm has many salient features that make it a perfect outdoor Table Tennis table:

  • Setting up the TT table and storing it is pretty easy and quick
  • The TT table offers a brilliant bounce 
  • The levelers help you adjust the height of the table 
  • Killer Myt7 Blackstorm comes with a reliable safety lock system
  • The solo play mode is an excellent feature for players to improve their playing skills
  • You can store the TT table conveniently in a compact storage

Final Verdict

The Killerspin Myt7 Blackstorm is undoubtedly one of the finest outdoor TT tables and after having read this post this far, it would agree with us too. The TT table is equally good for different levels of players; from beginners to experts

If you are a Table Tennis enthusiast that looks forward to improving your skills, you can fold one half of the TT table and practice solo playing for hours. Further, we were pretty fascinated by the excellent bounce that the table offers and it is pretty close to the professional playing experience. 

Most importantly, the table is pretty safe and you certainly don’t have any chance of ever facing any accidents considering the excellent safety locking system that the table comes with. 

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