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For anyone looking forward to buying an ideal Foosball table, the most important factor to consider is certainly the dimensions. Besides, it is also worth understanding the different sizes of the room that will be required to accommodate the different Foosball table sizes.

In this post, we will give you clarity on both aspects and by the end of this post, you should be perfectly ready to buy the most suitable Foosball table for your purpose.

It is important to know the foosball table dimensions and room size required for you to play this game. It may serve as a guide to you being able to buy the best foosball table best suited for office or home needs.

In this article, we would begin to look at the standard foosball table size and get to go down towards tables suitable for the cramped or limited availability of spaces. In each of these cases we would discuss table types as well that can help you simplify the process of buying a foosball table.

Regulation Size Foosball Table and Its Specifics

If you are about to purchase a regulation size foosball table these are the dimensions that you should be looking for. Commonly these tables adhere to the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) rules or regulations as they are used in tournaments. The table should have a height of 36 inches, width of 30 inches and the length should be 56 inches. There may be very small variations depending on the brand that you choose to use to purchase.

In mm: In cm: In feet: In inches
Length: 1422.4 mm Length: 142.24 cm Length: 4,67 feet Length: 56 inches
Width: 762 mm Width: 76.2 cm Width: 2.5 feet Width: 30 inches
Height: 914.4 mm Height: 91.44 cm Height: 3 feet Height: 36 inches

These are the types of standard foosball table sizes that are used in tournaments and the sizes are as per the regulations set in most tournaments across the world.

Rod Sizes for a Regulation Size Foosball Table

Upon the extension of the rods, it can add up another 12 inches to a maximum of 18 inches depending on the brand that you purchase. These are also as per the regulations that are set for tournament-level tables. The standard regulation size foosball table specifics mentioned above does not include the rod sizes.

Total Weight of the Regulation Size Foosball Table

It is very hard to put a specific figure for the total weight of a regulation size foosball table. This is because each of the brands has a different composition of wood, metal, and plastic used on tables and their weights can vary greatly.

For example, you can find a table weighing as low as 45 kilograms, or 100 lbs and some tables weigh as high as 180 kilograms or roughly 400 lbs. Before considering the weight, you should also take into account the assembly and sturdiness of the regulation size foosball table.

Room Size Required to Accommodate a Regulation Size Foosball Table

Considering that the regulation size foosball table is commonly used by teenagers and adults we specify the room dimensions accordingly. Adding a couple of feet for each end of the table for easy movement and to retrieve the ball is important.

Including the standard size foosball table and its dimensions with ample space to move around, the room size should be at least 9 feet in length and 9 ½ feet in width. You may consider giving a little extra room on all sizes to help powerplay for the players playing the game. This would allow players different angles with which they can execute their gameplay.

Foosball Table Dimensions for Smaller Spaces and Children

Children may find it difficult to maneuver with the standard size foosball table hence they can choose to use the option of 52″ option. Many brands sell these sizes and you can find them with relative ease in a local sports store or online sports stores. This table would be 28 inches in height, 20 inches in width, and with a length of 52 inches.

In mm: In cm: In feet: In inches
Length: 1320.8 mm Length: 132.08 cm Length: 4.34 feet Length: 52 inches
Width: 508 mm Width: 50.8 cm Width: 1.67 feet Width: 20 inches
Height: 711.2 mm Height: 71.12 cm Height: 2.37 feet Height: 28 inches

Weight of the 52” Foosball Table Dimensions

The Foosball table dimensions of the 52″ weigh much lesser when compared to the top-end variants and can differ with each brand available in the market. However, they are still sturdy enough for people to play competitive foosball games at home, in recreational centers, or gaming spaces of an office.

Room Length Required for the 52” Foosball Table Dimensions

You would require a length of 8 feet and a width of 8 feet to be able to comfortably play with these foosball table dimensions. Since the table is of a shorter height it allows the ease of access to people who are shorter or for children who wish to play foosball.

Foosball Table Dimensions of the 48” Variant

The foosball table dimensions of the 48″ variant are much smaller than the previous one we talked about. You can find that many brands offer the 48″ inch variant. The height of these is about 31 inches in height, 24 inches in width and 48 inches in length as the name suggests. These are more suited to small apartments with limited space.

In mm: In cm: In feet: In inches
Length: 1219.2 mm Length: 121.92 cm Length: 4 feet Length: 48 inches
Width: 609.6 mm Width: 60.96 cm Width: 2 feet Width: 24 inches
Height: 787.4 mm Height: 78.74 cm Height: 2.58 feet Height: 31 inches

Weight of the 48” Standard Foosball Table Size

The standard foosball table size with the 48-inch variant can differ a great deal depending on the brand that you choose to purchase. Sometimes, you may also get cheaper foosball tables of this size that are very low in weight. Always make sure that you are purchasing one with a good weight factor if you plan to play competitive games of foosball.

Room Size Required for the 48” Foosball Table Dimensions

A maximum of 6 feet in width and 8 feet in length would be good enough space for a 48” foosball table dimensions branded option. You can consider giving extra space if you are to indulge in competitive play with ore angles to work with.

Tabletop Options and the Foosball Table Dimensions

These foosball tables are commonly used as portable options and can be moved around easily. However, we would not suggest this if you are looking at playing competitive games of foosball.

The foosball table dimensions for tabletop options can vary greatly and are not of any standard sizes. However, the better options that you have would require 40 inches of length and 20 inches of width.

Weight and Space Required for These Foosball Table Dimensions

As there are no standard sizes the weight and the space required for the same can depend on the convenience of a person. However, a person can choose to place these foosball tables on the floor and be able to play on their knees. These are also better options when you consider it to be used for children.

Any table or surface that is flat can accommodate these foosball table dimensions. Thus, there are no standard weight specifics required for these. Also, these are more commonly used at homes and therefore the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) rules or regulations do not apply for the same.


You would have to be specific about the type of play that you are expecting to be involved in. In case you are a person who wishes to get into competitive foosball play then you can select the official foosball table size. Only when you know what you want, you can choose the foosball table from the options provided above.

As adults, they usually choose the standard variant that can be accommodated in a drawing-sized room. However, it is up to you to select which one might be best suited for the type of play, space available, and the budget that you have for the same.


What is a regulation size foosball ball?

Although there are no specifics in terms of ball size to be used on a regulation size foosball table the most commonly used ones are between 34.5mm and up to 35mm in size.

Should a foosball table be level?

Any standard foosball table size that is not placed on even surfaces may not allow for fair play and can favor one person or the other. Hence it is required to have the foosball table placed on a level surface.

What is a good foosball table?

A standard foosball table size with proper dimensions, sturdy in weight, players with weight distribution, and with enough space can be termed to be a good foosball table.

How much space do I need for a Foosball table?

For a standard table which 30 inches wide, you must have an additional 3 to 4 feet at a minimum on each side for players to move around with good comfort levels. As far as the length of a standard table goes, it is 56 inches and you must have a couple of extra feet of length for comfortable playing. To be precise, the room size for a Foosball table should be 9 x 9 ½ feet.

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