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Who does not want to keep themselves fit by playing a game daily? But everyone can’t visit a club or an arena due to lack of time. It will be ideal if there is some way to play a sport at home and get the necessary workout. Table tennis provides an excellent opportunity because it is a game that doesn’t require much space or infrastructure. A table at home can provide you and your family with many hours of fun and exercise. 

The Stiga Optimum 30 Table Tennis table is excellent for playing at home for recreation. It is also most suitable for competition matches as it offers an excellent surface for the perfect bounce. The ITTF approved indoor table has all the features necessary for a tournament table. This article analyzes the different unique features of this table and what benefits it offers to you. 

Features of Stiga Optimum Table


A table with a strong frame ensures a good game as it holds the table stable during the most rigorous games. The Stiga table comes with a heavy-gauge steel frame that will hold the table steady. In addition to this, eight caster wheels help you move the table to any position without straining yourself. The wheels can be locked so that there is no movement during a game. There are leg levelers that help you keep the table in an even position during a game. 

The frame splits into two halves to enable easy storage. You can move both halves to your storage area using the wheels provided. The caster wheels are 4-inch machine grade that ensures smooth movement of the table. There is an apron under the tabletop that adds to its stability and gives the ball excellent bounce. 

Table Top

How to make the ping pong table

Anyone with knowledge about table tennis can tell you how critical the playing surface is. It is this part of the table that provides the necessary bounce. When the bounce is even and good, your game is also perfect. The Stiga Optimum 30 ping pong table comes with an unmatched 30 mm thick playing surface. While the official tournament surface thickness remains 25 mm, Stiga has provided extra thickness for you for any kind of bounce from opponents. 

The thick top ensures even bounces all over the surface. The surface is also treated many times before giving it a coat of varnish. This ensures a smooth and glossy surface to improve your game. A steel apron of thickness 2 2/5 inches provides additional support to your playing surface, making the ball’s rebound even all over the top. 

Mobility and Storage

stiga advantage table foldable

It is not rare for people to move the table to different parts of the house for playing. When the weather is good, you can place the table on your porch and enjoy the game in a better way. The Stiga table comes with strong steel caster wheels to allow smooth transport anywhere in your home. These 4-inch machine-grade wheels also help you maneuver the table to any narrow space for storage. 

The Stiga table tennis table can be separated into two different pieces. This makes it highly convenient for you to store, even in a place with very little space. The caster wheels help you easily roll the halves into the storage places. The storage dimensions are 60-inch width, 62 inches height, and 25 inches depth. 

Solo Playing Facility

stiga advantage table tennis table

It is not always possible for you to get someone to practice the game with you. In such cases, a playback facility will be ideal for practicing. You don’t have to miss your practice even if you don’t have a partner around. The Stiga Optimum 30 table has a solo playing option which allows you to play and practice without a playing partner on the other end. You can conveniently fold one side of the table for a rebounding surface. 

Table Size

Having a table in official size helps in practicing the game for a tournament. In competitions, tables of size 9 feet by 5 feet are used. The Stiga Optimum table also comes in this size, which helps you practice for the tournament right at home. 


The Stiga table is accompanied by Stiga VM Net, which is ITTF approved. The VM net and post can be easily fixed to the table as there are clamps. One can adjust the tension of the net for the right playing experience. 


You must assemble the table first before you can use it. But the assembly is straightforward, and clear instructions come with the package. You can also watch video instructions on YouTube. But you will not need any professional assistance for putting together this table. 

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Stiga Optimum Specification

Playing Dimensions108” L X 60” W X 30” H
Folded Dimensions25” D X 60” W X 62” H
Weight250 Lbs
Table Top Thickness30 mm
StorageFoldable with wheels
Solo Playing FacilityYes
Package IncludesTable & Net

A Table for Tournament Practice and Leisure at Home

The Stiga Optimum 30 Table Tennis table offers an excellent opportunity to spend exciting times with your family at home. It is also a way to work out regularly and keep yourself fit. 

The main advantage of this table is its playing surface. The TT table has a thickness of 30 mm, which offers an excellent rebound. You can perfect your game with this TT table and can use it for practicing for tournaments. The Stigma table comes in regulation size. This means that playing on this ping pong table will give you the same experience you will face in a match. 

When you buy this table, you don’t have to worry about durability. The frame is made of heavy-gauge steel, which provides excellent stability to the table and will last for many years. There is a steel apron that supports the tabletop. There are levelers in the legs that help to keep the table on the level. 

You don’t have to worry about finding storage space for this table. This table splits into two halves that can be easily stored in compact places. Each of these halves has wheels that allow you to move them easily to the storage location. 

The Stiga table is an ideal purchase for those who want to play table tennis at home, either as a pastime or practicing for tournaments. This table can give you and your family many hours of a happy time. For the serious table tennis player, this is ideal for training for tournaments. 


  • 30 mm playing surface for the best bounce
  • A strong steel frame improves durability
  • Competition match size table
  • Needs minimum storage space
  • Solo playing facility


  • More suitable for serious players

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1. What makes the Stiga Optimum 30 Ping Pong table unique?

What is unique about the Stiga Ping Pong table is that it comes with an excellent playing surface. The tabletop is 30 mm thick, which gives you an excellent bounce. It makes your game that much more enjoyable. As the regulation thickness is 25 mm, playing in this table will make you more than competent to face any opponent type. 

2. What are the factors that make Stiga Ping Pong table durable?

The frame is constructed using heavy-gauge steel, which makes the table sturdy. The legs are made of strong steel, which means they can withstand a fair amount of pressure. There are long metal sheets on the sides to protect the table from any physical damage. A thick metal apron under the tabletop ensures that it remains firm for a long time and offers excellent bounce. 

3. Is the Stiga Optimum 30 table easy to store?

You can separate the TT table into two halves that have a very narrow profile. This makes it easy for them to be stored in any compact place. There are wheels to move the pieces to your storage location. 

Final Verdict

The Stiga table tennis table is ideal for players who wish to regularly practice the game. Even though you can use the Stiga Table Tennis table for leisurely games, it is more suited for serious players due to the extremely thick tabletop and the bounce that it provides. The strong legs and levelers make this an ideal table for challenging games. 

We would recommend this table for local clubs due to its durability. But it can also be purchased for homes if there are kids who wish to become table tennis pros. One can easily store it at home. Overall this is an excellent table tennis table for perfecting your game. 

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