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Want to buy a ping pong table and wondering how much does a ping pong table cost?

Well, a ping pong table is like a dream come true for every table tennis lover. If you are out there looking for ping pong tables at sports shops or online and wondering the amount you may have to spend, then you are going to find plenty of options.

Ping pong tables are priced differently.

There are various factors that go into deciding the price of a table tennis table. Even though you have a wide array of options, everyone has a different budget. If you exceed that, it might disrupt your overall finances.

Thus, it is essential to have a basic idea of the average ping pong table price.

How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost?

Ping pong table cost may vary depending upon the type of table that you choose. Indoor tables cost somewhere around $150 – $400, outdoor tables for $400 – $700, Conversion tops for $200 – $300, and high-end, luxury or premium tables for $1000 or more.

Some manufacturers keep versatility in their approach whereas others stick to the premium stuff and accordingly decide how much does a ping pong table cost. Some keep in mind the budget of the user and produce multiple options.

But there are manufacturers who focus solely on providing the most luxurious experience without keeping in mind the price point for customers.

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Different Types of Ping Pong Tables

Not all types of table tennis tables are fit for each user. Depending on the area you are playing your matches in, you have to opt for the ping pong table accordingly. Before going into the depths of the price of a table tennis table, let’s take a look at the three primary types of ping pong tables.

  1. Indoor Tables
  2. Outdoor Tables
  3. Conversion Tops

1) Indoor Tables

JOOLA Inside TT Table

Table tennis is basically an indoor game. The main reason behind playing this brainy sport indoor is that any kind of weather can affect the flight of the ball. Since the ball is lightweight, even the slightest of the wind can affect the speed of the ball.

This, in turn, can severely affect the gameplay. Moreover, rain or any patches of water can impact the bounce of the ball, thereby spoiling the entire experience for the players.

If you love spending some family time over a game of table tennis, then an indoor ping pong table is an ideal choice for you. You can keep it in a separate area inside your house and get ready for a match any time you want. The good thing is tables like JOOLA Inside can also be folded and stored in less very space when not in use.

Plus, an indoor table is an excellent choice for office recreation, here’s why we are saying this. It revitalizes the workforce, enhances the efficiency of employees and helps you get the most out of the cost of ping pong table.

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2) Outdoor Tables

joola nova outdoor table tennis table

As discussed earlier, playing ping pong outdoor can be more challenging than indoor gameplay. Outdoor ping pong tables have to bear the whims of weather and the environmental conditions persistent at a particular time.

This makes them more vulnerable to damage. However, most manufacturers keep the durability factor in mind while constructing outdoor table tennis tables.

The material used is tested beforehand and determined whether it can withstand harsh climatic conditions. It shouldn’t undergo corrosion or destruction if kept in unsteady weather. Of course, the extra work and enhanced durability come with a price.

Since an outdoor ping pong table is long-lasting, the price of a table tennis table meant to be used outside slightly more than an indoor one. Outdoor tables are suitable for homes and offices that have limited spacing and comprise of a backyard or a garden-like space outside.

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3) Conversion Tops

If you are a fan of the utmost versatility, then conversion tops are the ideal choice. Also, not all ping pong lovers have space in their house to rest an indoor table tennis table.

More so, some of them don’t have fancy gardens or big backyards to accommodate an outdoor ping pong table. If you have a dining table or a center table in your living room, conversion tops are a great idea.

Instead of a full-fledged ping pong table, you can purchase a table tennis conversion top. It will be just like using your regular table to play your matches, only converting them into professional-like ping pong table first. This provides a sturdy surface without having the need to occupy any extra space in your home.

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FAQs About Cost of Ping Pong Tables

Q: How Much Should I Spend on a Table Tennis Table?

Ans: It’s not a question with a single answer. The cost of the ping pong table largely depends on how much your budget is. If you are on restrictive spending, you can choose regular tables.

Depending on the maximum amount you have picked out for the purpose of purchasing a table tennis table, you can look for options in that particular range. Before loosening your purse strings, ask yourself a question, what do you wish to achieve? How much money your pocket allows to buy ping pong table?

Solid indoor and outdoor tables are available from a starting price of $150. Even if you decide to go a little over the board with the price, you can get a quality table at $700. However, this price range is only for purposes where you are looking for playful matches.

Q: How Much Should I Invest in a Ping Pong Table to Make It the Centre of Attraction for My Place?

Ans: If you want the table to be the center of attraction at the place of your residence or a commercial property, you can go for premium ranges above $1000. Make sure you have planned your budget accordingly.

Q: Should I Buy an Indoor or an Outdoor Table?

Ans: If you want the matches to be sincere and take place in a professional manner, consider buying an indoor table. However, if you are on the lookout for a purely recreational experience, an outdoor table can be a good choice.

All Questions Answered About the Ping Pong Tables Cost

Now it’s your turn to decide with which table you would like to go with?

Buying a table tennis table isn’t an easy decision. You can’t cheap out just because of a low budget or else it will affect the quality. Make sure you keep your purpose clearly demarcated before you make a purchase.

Remember, a ping pong table is not something that you can keep replacing in the future. Ensure that the piece you are opting for is durable and most importantly, get the best bang of your buck.

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