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Ping Pong Doubles Rules

Ping Pong Doubles Rules

Whenever you are feeling bored, just get together with your friends and start playing ping pong. The fun begins when you all immerse yourself in the game completely. However, the problem comes when you are not aware of the ping pong double rules.  In such a case, you may end up ruining all the fun. … Read more

Ping Pong Balls Sizes, Weight, Diameter, Dimensions

Ping Pong Balls Sizes

If you are just starting to play table tennis or just practicing, it’s pretty normal to look for the best ping pong balls. However, to choose the best ball with so many table tennis ball types around is undoubtedly difficult since every ping pong ball seems to be identical to the naked eye. We have … Read more

DIY: How to Waterproof a Ping Pong Table at Home?

how to waterproof ping pong table

Ping pong is probably the only game that people play at schools, colleges, clubs, homes, and offices. There is an increasing tendency to play the game, which is why there are so many indoor and outdoor table tennis tables. However, you must know how to waterproof a ping pong table at home when the initial … Read more

What Are Ping Pong Balls Made Of?

What Are Ping Pong Balls Made Of

Do you play table tennis or love watching the game? Have you ever wondered what table tennis balls are made of? Well, we are here to explain to you the exact process of manufacturing the best ping pong balls. The Material Used in Ping Pong Balls Essentially, the ping pong balls’ materials are celluloid, a … Read more

How to Spin the Ball in Table Tennis

how to spin ball in table tennis

Most people think of table tennis or ping pong as a game that is all about hitting a lightweight ball back and forth. As such, the majority of them believe that it doesn’t offer much scope for applying skills. However, skill plays an important role in table tennis as much as it does in the … Read more

How to Replace Ping Pong Paddle Rubber?

replace ping pong paddle rubber

Many people who have the charm of fast reflexes and speed often tend to excel in playing ping pong. Apart from the talent they have, they should also possess a good type of gear to be able to excel in this game. One of the most important things that you need to have to play … Read more

How to Make a Ping Pong Paddle?

how to make a ping pong paddle

Each brand of ping pong paddle has its unique pros and cons. While people are satisfied with certain types of wooden ping pong paddles others wish to push their limits. They seek to have a combination of sorts that is only possible with customized or a self-made ping pong paddle. Although the process of making … Read more

DIY: How to Make a Ping Pong Table

How to make the ping pong table

Building a ping pong table may apparently seem to be a pretty complicated job but in reality, it is not as difficult as it seems to be provided that you follow the right steps. Relying on 2D dimensions or 3D dimensions can be a good choice as the measurements are totally up to international standards. … Read more

How to Make Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Sticky?

ping pong paddle rubber sticky

People who play ping pong regularly often know the importance of using a sticky ping pong paddle. Having talent is great with ping pong however it would be better suited for you if you have a ping pong paddle that is sticky. Accuracy, speed, and spin are the most important factors that decide how good … Read more