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Soccer is a rough sport, and so there are plenty of chances to get hurt. However, soccer shin guards can save you if you know how to wear soccer shin guards properly. 

In this game, you have to be hyperactive because the results can change within a second. But, a high level of activity also increases the chances of getting hurt. And hence, every soccer player needs something to prevent injuries. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the injuries and pain anymore. If you are wearing soccer shin guards, then they will protect your shins from an impact on the ground.

If shin guards are something new, you may not know the right to wear them. So here, we are bringing some specific tips for wearing soccer shin guards that will make sure you stay safe and sound, no matter what. 

What is a Shin Guard?

A shin guard is simply a pad or piece of equipment that a player wears on their shins to protect them from injury. It’s not only used in soccer but also in other sports as well, such as hockey, cricket, mountain bike trails, and more. 

It emerged from the grave concept, which was armor for shin protection. However, as the generations progressed, they evolved into more advanced sports equipment. Today, these soccer shin guards come in a variety of synthetic materials like fiberglass, foam rubber, plastic, metal, polyurethane, etc. 

At the standard level, shin guards consist of a front plate, behaving as a shield, and a backing for a cushioned feel. Along with that, an attachment for guard closing is there. 

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Of those, the main part is the front one as it prevents injuries. It is mainly made from hard plastic or polypropylene. On the other hand, the back portion is usually made with synthetic rubber or foam. It absorbs shocks and avoids friction generation. 

Thus, once you learn how to wear soccer shin guards, it’s going to make your game safer. Otherwise, you may have to deal with health problems such as bone bruises. This condition occurs in the event of a direct impact to the bone from a hard material, friction between two bones with ligament injuries, etc. 

How to Choose the Proper Shin Guard?

Soccer is a sport where you will inevitably need to use your shins. And when that happens, you will want to be wearing the right shin guard. The best soccer shin guards are hard to choose, especially when you are doing it for the first time. 

You have to take many factors into account to get the proper shin guard, whether online or offline. If the shin guard you are buying is not lightweight, comfortable, and durable, it’s a waste of money.

Here are some things to consider when choosing shinguards for you. 


Select the shin guard depending on the position you play in soccer. If you play one position only, look for a shin guard with some particular features. 

In other words, you have to find out the needs of the shin guard. For instance, defenders are highly prone to injuries, so they deserve heavy soccer shin guards with greater protection. Similarly, soccer players playing in other positions will have to seek variety too.

  • Defenders face the most damage and injuries, so a heavier shin guard is required for them. Usually, a shin guard with hard plastic suits the best. 
  • Midfielder: Midfielders need protection as well as flexibility too for movement. Hence, choose a shin guard that provides both. 
  • Forwards: Forwards deceive defenders and try to change directions quite often while hitting goals into the net. This is why they need a shin guard with high mobility and ankle support. 
  • Goalkeepers are safe from severe damage and injuries, but they still require support from shin guards. For them, a light shin guard with sufficient protection will work. 


After knowing the kind of material your shin guard will need according to your positioning, it’s time to decide on the right fit. 

The shin guard size you need basically depends on your height. Also, don’t forget to buy the one providing high coverage between the ankle and knee. 

3.Styles and types

  1. Slip-in shin guards are lightweight shields that can be worn under socks. They can be dislodged while playing, but soccer players use tapes or compression sleeves to keep the shield in place. Professional players prefer these shin guards for flexibility in movement.
  2. Ankle Shin Guards are best suited for beginners and intermediate players. It provides better protection than shin guards with padding on both sides of the ankle for protection from kicks. The majority of them have stirrups that deliver comfort and best fit with an elastic band or hook and loop strap.
  3. Shin socks have a comfortable design and are easy to wear. They are popular among new players. 

If you play high school soccer, make sure the shin guard you buy has a NOCSAE stamp on the front.

How to Wear a Shin Guard with Socks?

Shin guards come in different shapes and sizes, as we already talked about above. So, to figure out how to wear soccer shin guards properly with socks, here are the tips.

  • Younger players wear shin guards first and then put socks over them. 
  • Slip-in soccer shin guards are put under socks. First, players wear socks and cleats. After that, they wear a guard and pull their socks.
  • In the leagues, players have to put on socks by keeping their shin guards covered in the game. This is why knee-high athletic socks are recommended in league games. 

For a visual representation of the right way to wear soccer shin guards, you can watch this video. 

Do you also need soccer shin guards?

Soccer shin guards are needed by every player who wants to level up their playing skills. It will make you tough and a better soccer player. Moreover, no longer will you be at risk of being hurt irrespective of your position.

Always be careful about buying the right type of soccer shin guards. Consider your personal needs and safety first.

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