About Us

We are a group of sports enthusiasts and some of us have a few years of playing experience as well. As a matter of fact, we started 99Sportz.com with a view to helping other sports enthusiasts. So far, we have posted a lot of reliable reviews on the various types of sports equipment. We reviewed sports equipment such as Ping Pong Tables, Fuzzball Tables, Football Gear and more. Over the years, we helped a lot of people find the best sports equipment in terms of their purpose and budget.

For every review we post on our website, we have spent many hours researching and testing the product. Besides, we have actually interviewed professionals to know their views for most of the reviews. However, it is our editorial team that solely decides on all the recommendations that we have on our website. Most importantly, we strive to make the choice-making unimaginably fast for you.

Why should you rely on us?

One of the main reasons that readers have found our reviews very useful is the fact that we strive to help them with their exact purpose. We don’t really concentrate on featured-packed gadgets or products with the finest finishing.

In fact, we are completely aware that different people have a different requirement; while some people are looking for a highly professional experience from certain sports equipment, there can be others who would want sports equipment simply for enjoying a leisure time within a very limited budget.

This eventually helps us serve our readers in the most meaningful way. With 99Sportz.com, you can certainly rest assured of the most reliable reviews in terms of your purpose, budget and most importantly, safety.