Who we are?

We are your go-to source for all the things you require to know in context to sports, such as – product reviews, best sports equipment, etc.

We are a group of sports enthusiasts who aspire to share valuable sports insights with our audience.

If you have a true fascination towards sports, then 99Sportz can be your knowledgeable guide on everything grossing about your favorite sport.

What do we do?

We present exciting facts and review various sports equipment on our website to engage the aspiring players towards diverse games.

Our team has extensive sports experience which takes care of every dimension while reviewing any specific product.

Our reviews are comprised of industry standards and have been personally checked to be true before publishing.

We aspire to build a reliable platform for our readers and players who look forward to being a pro in their favorite game.

Why do we do it?

Through our reviews, we tend to filter authentic products that are worth having in your home.

Our expertise in sports allows us to help wannabe players to deal with the best products and learn from our experience to excel in their field.

What do we consider while reviewing various sports equipment?

The world of sporting is made up of diversity. We at 99sportz understand that every person has different needs, and therefore acknowledge different needs and backgrounds while writing our sports reviews.

At 99sportz, the sports equipment is completely reviewed after considering a myriad of components including- usability, durability, price, brand image, quality, etc.

We value our loyal readers and provide a comprehensive review after in-depth testing of the equipment.

Here are some of the essential parameters we consider before reviewing our sports equipment:

1. A closer look at the competition:

While writing our reviews, we closely look into what the competitors are offering and thoroughly research the flaws and benefits that the equipment is offering over other alternatives considered by the consumers.

We aspire to genuinely help you contrast and compare the reviewed equipment with the similar other options available.

2. Personal experience:

Our reviews are the result of authentic and real experiences. We do not just publish our reviews based on other people’s perspectives in the marketplace.

Rather, we do market research and try to contact owners through sporting platforms for their personalized reviews.

Our team of experts then filter these reviews and bring the strength and weaknesses of the equipment on the table for our avid readers.

3. Pricing:

While writing a review for particular equipment, we evaluate whether it is worth its price. Our readers deserve to know, so we also test the various cheaper alternatives to find out whether the particular equipment is worth the purchase or not.

4. Focus on every detail:

Every sports equipment has its own details. We try to provide the essential details and specifications about the equipment so that our readers can make the right choice.

We do not even hesitate to ask the manufacturers of the equipment about the details which we do not have knowledge of. This helps us to not miss out on any point while writing our reviews.

5. Quality:

Before buying any equipment, quality is the most vital parameter which most of the customers look out for. We closely look at the material, brand image, and other factors so that people planning to buy the product can purchase it without any doubts in their mind.

We constantly strive that our readers learn new things from the list of our unbiased reviews, and would be happy to hear from our readers what they want us to post on our website.

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