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We aim to simplify your purchase choice when it comes to buying sports equipment.

gavin wadeWelcome to 99Sportz! We are a group of sports lovers. We love spending our leisure time playing recreational games like table tennis, air hockey, foosball, and other games. During weekends when we have time, we opt to play sports like Baseball, Cricket, and on rainy days we prefer Soccer 🙂

Here at, you will find us reviewing various sports equipment like table tennis tables, cricket bowling machines, soccer goalposts, and a great deal of other sports equipment.

We love venturing new things that shoot up our passion for sports. At times you will also find us sharing DIY tips like how to paint your table tennis table, tips to improve your foosball game, and articles on many other helpful topics.

One thing which is par among team 99sportz is that we all love some or the other sports of our choice. Besides passion, we believe playing sports acts as our health does to stay fit & fine and look our best. We turn our passion to help you pick the best of the sports gear available in the market.

Gavin Wade,
Chief Editor

Know more about Gavin Wade
Table Tennis & Pool Enthusiast

Gavin is 99sportz’s resident Editor-in-Chief. Being the backbone of our platform, he oversees the entire operations along with consigning tasks to the team members. His expert wisdom aids us in discerning the excellent piece of information to be showcased on our platform.

Gavin enjoys a successful profession in Table Tennis & Pool as a gamer. Combining the talent of his astounding writing skill with years of practical experience in the field of Table Tennis & Pool is a big success for us.

Gavin loves unearthing Table Tennis & Pool products and sharing unbiased reviews with our readers. He contributes to the Table Tennis & Pool section of 99sportz by writing product reviews & carefully crafting buying guides with his acuity in two of the sports.

Gavin is a real bookworm and enjoys perusing journals, novels & memoir while away from work. He tries experimenting in his laboratory called Kitchen to come up with some fantastic foodstuffs on weekends. He gave himself a genuine flair of relaxation & joy with wisely investing his spare time for his love i,e—Table Tennis & Pool.

Our Chief Editor takes pleasure in carefully examining & testing his ideal sports products before concluding any opinion on it. He indulges in the process of reviewing the products by making the personal experience of testing it. Gary ensures to rate Table Tennis & Pool products genuinely on the platform that deserves customers’ value.

He pursues the principle of Quality assurance and inoculates this one ethos in all the team. Gavin is ever elevated with his part at 99sportz, together with cheerily managing the growing team of researchers, writers, reviewers, and other operations. He works intently with the team and aims to showcase only the best products onto the platform.

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Meet Our Other Team Members

John Brown, Product Review Specialist
Soccer, Baseball & Tennis Enthusiast

At 99sportz, we got John as our leading sports maestro in the arena of Soccer, Baseball & Tennis. He is driven with the passion for these sports like anything. John beholds an in-depth understanding of the sports.

With over years of practical experience in these sports, John contributes his expert wisdom to our Soccer, Baseball & Tennis section.

He is our resident Sports pro who shares his knowledge in reviewing soccer, baseball & tennis products at 99sportz. He ensures to maintain his relationship with his readers by often sharing sports guides or helpful tips to tone your skills.

When not working, John loves playing video games. He is fond of Sci-fi movies as well and makes sure to watch the new releases when off from work.

Within his engaged schedule, John makes up to lay aside time to pursue his passion for his pet sports. When away from the pitch, he loves to share his knowledge & expertise at 99sportz with precise product review and well-researched recommendations of choice sports

John is ever active in the arena of soccer, Baseball & Tennis & loves to trace the insides of these sports carefully. Whether you are a newbie in this field or wish to enhance your skills, the practical experience attained by him over the years, along with the precise knowledge of these sports will supply you with the right equipment & techniques required.

John breathes soccer, baseball & tennis and he speaks fluently on all the aspects of it. Whether you would like to perceive recommendations on soccer, baseball & tennis products or wish to chance on choice tips & skills in the sports, he is never short of talking over it.

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Ting Wenli, Content Strategist
Foosball & Air Hockey Enthusiast

Meet Ting, our Content Strategist at 99sportz. Ting looks after the in-house content operations & ensures to cite the most exciting & value-added content for our readers.

Therewithal her role, she is evenly active in the field of Sports, which is a blessing for us to have her on board at 99sportz.

Ting takes an interest in Foosball & Air Hockey and shares the passion for these sports with our readers by writing product reviews & Sports guides for our Foosball & Air Hockey Section.

With a wealth of experience in these sports, Ting is your good to go mentor to know any insides of the games. She loves to be in touch with her readers and so keep sharing Foosball & Air Hockey Products buying guides & proven tips that lead to upheaval in your performance. She is ever active in returning to her readers’ doubts related to the sports.

When off duty, Ting loves spending quality time with her family. She keeps reforming her wisdom by the perusal of Literary fiction & Biographies of her idols. Not to mention, she assures to ensure her passion for Air Hockey & Foosball in her spare time.

TIng is adored when it comes to unearthing the latest products of her main sports. And she is never short of persistence in evaluating & espying it on the measure of quality & relevance to the buyers. She pays the utmost heed to secure the best products to be showcased at 99sportz, along with well researched & informative sports guides. She strives her best effort to make 99sportz as a one choice platform of all source information for the sports lovers.

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Deepankur Gupta, Writer
Cricket & Cycling Enthusiast

Deepankur GuptaDeepankur is a real gem of words we got as a Writer at 99sportz. He manages all the writing operations of 99sportz. He has a peerless flair for writing and always aims to present his notes in an easy-to-understand approach.

Those who wade through his pieces of writing are sure to bound with the magnificent charm of his words to be a regular reader of his write-ups.

Being a part of a sports platform, Deepankur got the chance to chase his love for Cricket & Cycling, which he had been practicing since a young age. And to our good, he contributes his expertise to our Cricket & Cycling section.

Combining the talents of his prodigious writing, along with years of practical experience in Cricket & Cycling, draws a perfect shot for the readers. He curates buying guides for products related to Cricket & Cycling by closely evaluating & carefully testing them to bring tangible value to the customers.

Deepankur adores surging his flair for writing in his leisure time. He pleasure in framing fictional stories & verses at serene spots. To him, it serves as the best dose of rejuvenation & intensing his creativity. Times apart, he relishes his joy for Cricket & Cycling. He enjoys traveling unexplored places, making new friends there, and learning about their places & culture. To him, it counts as pleasant memories for life.

Deepankur has privilege in his dedication to gauge & filter out the most reliable products & experiences. He ensures to upraise his passion for Cricket & Cycling by actively seeking an eye on the precise detailing of these sports. The well-researched product reviews & sports guides of his idol games present a significant amount of details for readers. His genuine efforts in analyzing the products help the readers to see the products with fresh eyes, which he receives appreciation for.

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Sara Saunders, Writer
Scuba, Darts & Basketball Enthusiast

We speak to our readers by way of our website, and this valuable asset of ours is taken care of by Sara. She is positioned as Web Producer at 99sportz and directs the marketing, design & web activities for us.

A true figure of style & grooming and a powerhouse of intelligence. She is our balance between certainty that everything functions smoothly & in-lined.

Sara is an absolute personality we have with us. Being dedicated to her responsibilities, she ensures to cover many targets in a shorter time. Her greatest motivation to excellence in the outcome lies in her enthusiasm for sports, which she enjoys sharing at 99sportz.

Sara carries great interest in Scuba, Darts & Basketball and has achieved great attainments in these sports. She makes the best of the privilege to share her interest & experience with the readers by presenting her wisdom to our Scuba, Darts & Basketball section.

When off from work, she enjoys meeting friends. Being a style idealist, Sara keeps an eye on the latest trends in the fashion world. She is your perfect guide on how to look good & feel good. She saves her time to live her passion for Scuba, Basketball & Darts, no matter how involved her schedule is.

Sara put her thoughts in reviewing Scuba, Darts & Basketball products at 99sportz. Adhere to her interest, she shares tons of suggestions & buying guides of her preferred sports.

She specializes in speaking on the minute details of Scuba, Cycling & Basketball and can be your ideal adviser to learn core rules of these games. The ultimate wisdom she holds in these sports is the master key for beginners & practitioners to inspire their performance.

Who are we?

We are your go-to source for all the things you require to know in context to sports, such as – product reviews, best sports equipment, DIY guide, tips to improve your game, buying guides, and much more.

We are a team of sports enthusiasts who aspire to share valuable insights with our audience through our own experiences & achievements in the field of sports.

If you are genuinely fascinated by sports, then 99Sportz is your ultimate knowledge guide on everything grossing about your preferred sport.

What do we do?

We present exciting facts and review various sports equipment on our website to engage the aspiring players towards different games.

Our team has extensively participated in various games and sports, which benefits us in carefully evaluating & testing various sports equipment from the end-users perspective and writing a fair review that is valuable to the readers.

Our reviews are on a par with industry standards and are checked on the parameter of authenticity before publishing by our experts.

We aim to build a reliable platform for our readers and players who look forward to being a pro in their idol game.

Through our reviews, we tend to filter authentic products that are worth having. Our expertise in sports allows us to guide our audience to choose the best products.

What do we consider while reviewing various sports equipment?

The world of sports is made up of diversity. We at 99sportz understand that every person has different needs, and therefore we acknowledge different needs and backgrounds while writing the sports reviews.

At 99sportz, the sports equipment is thoroughly reviewed after considering a myriad of components, including- usability, durability, price, brand image, quality, etc.

We value our trusted readers and provide a comprehensive review after in-depth testing of the equipment.

Essential parameters we consider before reviewing our sports equipment

A closer look at the competition:

While writing our reviews, we carefully look into what the competitors are offering and thoroughly research the flaws and benefits that the equipment is offering over other alternatives considered by the consumers.

We put our best foot forward to genuinely assist you to contrast and compare the reviewed equipment with the similar other options available.

Personal experience:

Our reviews are the result of our practical experiences in the field of related sports. We do not just publish our analyses based on other people’s perspectives.

Instead, we do market research and try to contact owners through sporting platforms for their personalized reviews. Our team of sports experts then filter these reviews and bring the strength and weaknesses of the equipment on the table for our avid readers.


While writing a review for particular equipment, we evaluate whether it is worth its price. Our readers deserve to know, so we don’t mind testing other economical alternatives to find out whether the particular equipment is worth the purchase or not.

Focus on every detail:

Every sports equipment has its details. We seek to provide even the minute details and specifications about the equipment so that our readers can make the right choice.

We do not even hesitate to ask the manufacturers of the equipment about the details which we do not have mastery over. This helps us to not miss out on any point while writing our reviews.


Before buying any equipment, quality is the most vital parameter which most of the customers look out for. We carefully look at the material, brand image, and other factors so that one can buy it with confidence.

We continuously strive to present new pieces of information for our very readers through our product review segment. And we would love to hear from our readers what they want us to post on our website.

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