25 Foosball Tricks, Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Game

Foosball became popular in the United States during the 1970s. It was invented by Harold Searles Thorton and brought to the United States in the year 1950 by Lawrence Petterson.

Foosball has fewer rules as compared to football. But it has become a competitive sport now. The rules and regulations have been framed by national organizations.

It is a widely popular game, as much as a skill game, which accounts for a player to learn some foosball techniques to win the game. Every advanced foosball player knows that just speed and pure luck takes more time to win the game. They follow some strategy to overtake their opponent.

There are some methods which will help you to become an expert in the game of foosball so that your skills can be brought to a new level.

This section has a list of important foosball tips to learn, so as to master the game of foosball.

Tip 1: Hold the Handle Loosely

Most beginners find it difficult to hold the foosball handle tactfully. Keeping a loose or relaxed grip on the handle will allow maximum movement and speed.

Try to hold the handle with your knuckles on top of the rod and thumb wrapped round.

If there is a small gap between the hand and the handle, a free movement is enabled. This allows you to switch between the rods for different types of shots. If the skin is completely wrapped around the foosball handle, then you’re barely holding it for shooting.

Remember a handle is not a tennis racket or baseball bat that you have to swing. While shooting rotate your wrist quickly, such that the rod rotates about 180 degrees. This is one of the important foosball tactics one must not forget while at play.

Tip 2: Serve Yourself After a Goal

An important foosball technique is that it is legal to serve your own ball on the drop.

Imagine how important a coin toss is in another game. You can serve using a serving cup.

Another serving strategy would be to use the backspin.

If you are sticking the ball through the hole, you are basically eliminating independent possession and giving your opponent another chance to score.

Tip 3: Backspin Serve

One of the advanced foosball techniques of serving is to serve with backspin.

To serve with backspin, place the thumb on the left side of the ball and push it to the right side of the table. This can earn you a goal easily.

Tip 4: Open-Handed Shot for a Faster Shoot

In order to shoot dramatically fast, make an open-handed shot. This can be done by just spinning the rod while your wrist spins simultaneously.

Tip 5: Pinning the Ball

To control an approaching ball, one needs to pin the ball from either of the position, i.e. front or back.

For this, you need to catch the approaching ball beneath your player either as a back pin or front on, according to the position of the ball. Now, this is known as pinning the ball.

From this position, you can pass the ball or play a pin shot. This foosball trick lets players control the game according to them.

Tip 6: Foosball Bumper Lube Tips

One of the major foosball tips and tricks is to keep the rubber bumpers lubricated with some oil. This ensures easy and smooth movement of the rods.

When lubricated rods are placed at the end of the rods, it prevents the deposition of dust, thereby, providing a better slide.

Tip 7: Alternate Movements and Patterns

In order to play defensively, it is crucial to play tactfully. With this aim in mind, you can play with alternate defensive shots. This distracts the opponent and affects largely.

Instead of playing with a defined pattern play defensively with alternate shots. This helps you win the game as the opponent is under mental pressure.

Tip 8: Foosball Table Shopping Tips

Always do your research before buying a foosball table like any big purchase.

However, we recommend spending the money upfront so that you do not get discouraged and suffer from an underperforming table.

Make your purchase according to the skill level. Some other points to consider are:

  • The thickness of the table or sturdiness. This keeps the table stable during aggressive plays.
  • Leg levelers. This ensures maintaining a level if the floor is uneven.
  • Width of the side walls. This ensures consistency in the game.
  • The thickness of the surface. This also ensures consistency.

Use these foosball tips to enjoy a competitive advantage and win the game with a high lead.

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Tip 9: Watch Your Opponents Game Too

Concentrate on your opponent’s game also. This will help you frame your strategy of winning.

Your opponent might be misguiding you with confusing shots. If you watch their game from the start you can understand and play accordingly.

Tip 10: Passing the Ball

At some point, you have to pass the foosball to another of your men who can give the other team player a chance to steal back.

You must learn the tactics of passing the ball, no matter the game is played in singles or doubles. One must master the pass from 5 bar to 3 bar, brush pass, tic-tac pass, and lateral pass.

Tip 11: How to Stand Correctly

Always think of your left leg forward and right leg backward. To describe how it would create a dramatic effect.

Straighten your right leg and stick it in front of the body and hail back inside. See how there is some resistance when your wrist collides with your body.

Now move your right hand to the left side of your frame and see it drawn, this makes you pull your arm without any resistance.

Tip 12: Always Play Defensive

While playing as a defense, your job is to always chase the ball no matter who is on the table.

According to pro players, one should focus 70% on defense and 30% on offense.

Many beginners get distracted when they learn to play defense or don’t realize that many foosball shorts can only be blocked by following the ball across the table.

If you are doing this right, your men should keep going. A simple trick helps you out in playing defensively. All you need to do is control each rod with the thumb and the pinkie of your left hand.

Tip 13: Play 2 Rods With 1 Hand

You can use your thumb and pinky finger on your left hand to play both of your defensive handles.

You have to keep the actual rod handle in front but not the actual handle in order to get a good grip.

When will this formation work? It’s when your opponent is taking a foosball shot from the defensive side of the table. This is one of the useful foosball tips, which when used with the above techniques result in maximum effectiveness.

Tip 14: Bounce Your Rescue Tip

The most annoying is the target emotion that can be put into pour with some defensive fundamentals.

If you have a 3 man goalie rod-like many tornado tables, you will see that many shots will hit your foosball men outside which are not even in front of the goal.

Remember these men are kept strictly to play the ball and are not used to defend any shot.

Just by bending your men backward when the first shot sets the wall, it will save you from accidental blows by killing your men and pleasuring yourself.

Tip 15: You Do Not Need to Cover the Contact Target

The goal is five times the width of the ball. So, to play defensively, all the players can’t be crowded at one goal. But a trick can be used in the same context. Let one man cover the two goals partly.

If you have a defensive man who covers both of the goals partly, then the chances of opponent scoring with a goal in either of the two is quite less. In addition to this, you don’t have to place one of your men to cover the goal.

Tip 16: Do Not Spin

As stated in the foosball rules, spinning is illegal. None of the players is allowed to spin the rod by 360°.

This will make you lose a point in the game. Not only illegal, but it will also damage the table and rods. So keep in mind not to spin the rod.

Tip 17: Knowing the Art of Scattering

What would you do when a striker is right in front of you? Obviously, place your men in such a manner that obstructs the strike.

This line applies even if you try to play the ball from behind when blocked by the opponent’s forward. The table layout can be in any of the two forms, European style or American style.

In the European style, a single goalie is still while in the American style, 3 men are placed on the last road to work on the goals.

Some of the placement tricks are as follows:

  • Place your rod with three men to obstruct the opponents’ strike from the backfield.
  • In order to defend the bank shot, place 5 men against the wall.
  • Place a man to cover the goal partially.
  • Let the goalie and defense men work in synchronization with each other.

Tip 18: Stand at 45 Degree

Beginners tend to stand straight with their feet parallel to the table. But this provides a limited movement to the arms.

If you stand 45° away from the table, arms tend to move freely, thereby providing more powerful shots. The arms move without any resistance.

Tip 19: Defend Your Ricochet Goal

Bend your defending men backward if you see a shot approaching a wall close to your goal. This will help you defend your ricochet goal.

Tip 20: Hold Two Rods Together for Solid Defense

Hold Two Rods Together for Solid Defense

Make sure your defensive players do not overlap with each other and try to avoid crossing back and forth. You can separate your defensive men by playing two defensive rods at once with your left hand.

This helps in maintaining optimum space between the players and ensure that there is no enough width for foosball to pass between your men.

A small difference between your men can make a huge impact if you use it properly. This is one of the best foosball tips and can be a win-win strategy too.

Tip 21: Play With Different Angles

Don’t be predictable. This makes your opponent plan their game accordingly. If you hit the same shot again and again, the opponent will be able to defend himself.

Instead play with different shots, as a result, of which, they will have negligible time to plan a defensive play, thereby, earning you more points.

Tip 22: Catching or Stopping Foosball

If your opponent has a foosball, the best way to get control of the game once again is to stop the foosball from going past its target.

To catch the ball your man must be bend between 35 and 40 degrees. So that you can get a pocket to hold it.

If you were to keep the man straight then it would be more challenging to catch the foosball as a result of which it is bouncing right behind him and your opponent. This fascinating foosball tips will allow you to strengthen your skills upfront.

Tip 23: Spinning the Rods

For most people who are new to the sport, catching all at once and making sharp turns with the wrist is a common technique.

This method will actually make it much easier for your opponent to take the ball back into his possession. Because it will shoot the ball in a quick short distance. Instead, keep your palms out and move it upward to provide more power with your shot. Spinning more will hurt your ball.

Tip 24: Play With Your Best Shots

Nobody can master all shots, instead, one or two shots may work for any player.

Trying to play with every possible shot might lose you a chance to win a goal. Practice the shots which work for you and play with the same.

Master either pull shot or push shot. But don’t keep yourself unaware of the other one. You might be in need of the other less practiced shot at any point in the game.

Tip 25: Timing

Whenever you have a foosball you can take shots quickly but your opponent will start guessing your steps which will benefit them.

Change your time instead of making pre-anticipated moves so that they are unsure when you will make your move. For example, once you catch the ball, wait a few seconds before attacking with a forced move.


Foosball tips and tricks make a game easy to win. If you want to proceed with win-win strategies, make sure you follow foosball techniques discussed in the article here.

How do you play defense in Foosball?

In order to play defense in foosball you need to follow the following tips:

  • Make your defense men and goalie work in unison with each other.
  • Block the shots of the opponent with the two-man rod.
  • Make sure you don’t block your five men or three-man rod.
  • Let all men work

You can follow the other tips and tricks to play defensively.

How do you hold a foosball?

Maintain a comfortable grip in foosball. Try to hold it firmly with your thumbs wrapped with your thumb up and down. But such a loose handle is a little space between your palm and your fingers.

How do you snake a foosball shot?

This shot is taken with an open hand. Because in the forward position of your wrist, the person above the ball gets the pin. The man is then rotated left or right and your wrist is rolled above the rod handle to hit the foosball with the same man.

How to get better at foosball?

Practice makes men perfect. Practice with your best shots to win the game. Learn the tricks and techniques to enjoy a competitive advantage. Take a balanced diet, strengthen your arm muscles by exercising with weights. Take enough sleep.