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Ping pong has a long history of being one of the most engaging sports for families and kids. Though this sports originated in England, it has spread to large parts of the world and hence, you will find a lot of answers related to this sports over the Internet. How to paint a ping pong table is, therefore, a question that interests many.

Well, who does not want to revamp their old ping pong table?

To paint a ping pong table, one thing you need is to make sure that the surface that has to be painted is smooth and the cracks are filled with wood fillers or sand.

Then you need to select a paint of your choice. Make it a point to note that the paint is matte and has a CIELAB lightness up to 44 percent as color can affect the friction, gloss, and bounce of the table.

If all this seems like a lot of effort then stick to this article to know the complete process of painting your table tennis table, some best color options available in the market, and a couple of common questions being answered at the end.

Let us begin!

Step 1:

You need to get your table ready for the makeover. Now, what do we mean by ready? It means that you have to safely remove the net from the table and keep it aside from the place where you will be painting the table. Once done, you are all set to working on the table.

Step 2:

It is very important for you to clean the table to remove any dust particles or mess that might come in between your ping pong table and the paint. You can use an all-purpose cleaner and clean the table well. Once the cleaning is done, you access the areas that might need more help with the paint.

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Step 3:

Now here is an important task for you. You will have to cover all the white boundary lines on the top of the table with the help of a painter’s tape. The boundary lines are 3/4-inch thick and the one in the middle is 1/8-inch thick. This is essential as you need to restore these lines after the work of ping pong table paint is done.

Step 4:

Once you are done with prepping your ping pong table for the paint, you need to get all the supplies. Supplies essentially mean materials to paint the TT table.

To start painting a ping pong table, you will need:

1. Blue and white alkyd, or chalkboard paint
2. Some regular-sized painting brushes
3. Masking tape (optional)


Do keep in mind to buy a matte paint. This will reduce the glare and make the table scratch resistant.

Step 5:

You need to buy a primer for the table. A primer is the first layer that goes on the table. It is a base for the paint. So, you have to apply a thick coat of the primer on your table. Make sure you read the manual provided by the manufacturer carefully.

Step 6:

Now it is time for the most interesting part of painting a ping pong table. You have to apply the first coat of the blue chalkboard paint. Once, the first coat is completely dried, you are required to apply another coat.

Step 7:

You are all set to remove the painter’s table from the white lines once the second coat of the blue paint has completely dried up. Once you remove the painter’s tape, you need to paint the white lines.

One line of caution – be very patient while painting the white lines or the paint might smudge into the blue paint making you do the whole task again.

If you are not very sure about this step, you can also use the masking tape to cover the boundaries of the white lines. However, be very careful while removing the masking tape.

Bit of Advice: It is advisable to use a small paintbrush for the white lines to carefully apply coats.

Step 8:

Once you are done with the ping pong table paint, all you need to do is to wait for the paint to set in. Once you see that the table is completely dry, you can check it thoroughly for any irregularities you might find.

If you are not satisfied with the painting process, you can repeat it again. However, if you are satisfied with the painting process, you can finally mount the net on the table.

Voila, you are all set to start using the table 😀

If you are still confused about the paints, here are some suggestions for the best paints for ping pong table:

1. Krylon “Italian olive” blue: This gives your table a rich look and a smooth finish.

2. Chalkboard ping pong table coating black 1711: This is highly recommended for tables used by professional players. It gives a matte finish to the table.

3. Chalkboard ping pong table coating black 1711 / blue 1744: It is known for its finish and color quality. The paint is specially formulated to provide a non-glare property to the table.

Note: Make sure that you check the existing color on your ping pong table before buying the new one.

Once you sort the best paints for the ping pong table and have understood the whole process, you are all set to “DIY” your own tennis table’s paint.

Common questions & concerns related to the painting table tennis table that you may have:

Why is it important to use the painter’s tape?

It is essential to use the painter’s tape to cover the white boundaries on the ping pong table to protect them from the coats of blue paint.

Is it okay if there are one or two irregularities left while painting my ping pong table?

Make sure there are no irregularities left while painting the table. This might affect the friction of the table, which in turn affects the speed of the game.

How can I be sure that I am painting my ping pong table right?

Do read the general ITTF guidelines before starting to work on the table. They will help you in knowing the dos and don’ts.

What should I keep in mind while selecting paint for my ping pong table?

While selecting the paint make sure it has 15 degrees (not more) and a low haze gloss. It really matters which type of paint you select, so select it wisely. (Refer to the best paints for ping pong table above) .

In conclusion, with this article, you are all set to revamp your old ping pong table.

Happy painting!

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