page title icon Is There Any Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Ping Pong Table?

Yes, there is a huge difference between indoor and outdoor ping pong tables.

When you are out in the market or browsing online for a ping pong table, the first thing that you need to decide is, do you require an indoor or outdoor table tennis table. If you think the decision would not make a difference, then let us tell you that you are mistaken.

As there is a perceptible difference between both the tables, you cannot buy any of the two and keep in the environment it is not meant for. Play on the right table in a suitable environment to not only gain the right skills but also to save your money.

It is definitely not a tough decision to make, all that is important is that you should be versed about the difference between the indoor and outdoor ping pong table.

Precisely, indoor tables and outdoor tables are two different types of tables having manufacturing differences made to provide the right playing experience in the environment it is meant for.

The material of the table and bounce of the two types of tables are the two factors that make the difference between the two.

Let us have an overview of the difference between indoor and outdoor ping pong tables to enable you to buy yourself the right type of table tennis table:

Indoor Ping Pong Table

Indoor table tennis table is used at competitive levels in various championships conducted at professional levels. In the game of table tennis, a table is one of the most significant table tennis equipment as a bad table can even make the best player lose due to its uneven bounce.

Material used

The most common material used in an indoor ping pong table is wood, but other materials like plastics and metals may be used in its framing.

It is also made up of particle-board, plastic, metal or fiber-glass and its thickness may vary between 12 mm and 30 mm. Green and blue color High-Density Fiberboard is used in the making of a professional indoor table tennis table.


The size and other requirements of a table tennis table get more specific while talking about the official size of the Indoor ping pong table.

The standard size of an official ping pong table is 2.74 m long and 1.525 m wide, with a height of 76 cm, according to ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation). The height of the indoor table must be 76 cm above the floor along with being flat.


The shape of an official indoor ping-pong table has to be rectangular in all cases to enable players to play effectively. A white line covers the ends of the rectangle ping pong table; however, these white lines have significance for the players.


The tabletop or playing surface is consistently dark-colored and lusterless or matte, which is partitioned into two halves by a net at 15.25 cm (6.0 in) in height.

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Outdoor Ping Pong Table

This is the flexible type of table that can be left all alone to face the impacts of harsh weather. Outdoor tables are manufactured differently, and these days galvanized steel undercarriage, posts, nets, and the weather-resistant top surface is the favorite pick.

Material used

Outdoor table tennis table is manufactured in distinct material that offers 100 % resistance to weather. Aluminium, concrete, stainless steel and plastic are a few materials used in the making of it.

Size and thickness

An outdoor table tennis table is available in distinct sizes and thicknesses. You may find thickness ranges from 4 mm to 22 mm.

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Comparison of Indoor and Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Indoor Tables

  • The indoor table tennis table cannot withstand exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions for long. They get damaged easily.
  • The indoor table tennis table needs to be prevented from warping and must be kept in an insulated and heated building. You shouldn’t think of keeping it in your garage.
  • The cost of the best quality indoor table is close to a moderately priced outdoor table. The cost of weather-proofing in outdoor enhances the prices of an outdoor table. Indoor tables are comparatively cheaper than outdoor.
  • The indoor table tennis table needs ample space to be accommodated well in the room. Players too should get adequate space to be able to make free movement while playing.
  • Indoor table tennis table covers do not make the table weatherproof and should not be used as a substitute to an outdoor table.
  • The bounce of a top-end indoor table cannot be produced at an outdoor table.
    It is the only choice for professional players.

Outdoor Tables

  • You need not worry about the weather conditions that your outdoor table may have to get exposed to. They are weatherproof.
  • Outdoor tables are quite flexible and can be used inside and out anytime.
  • It is the right choice for a garage as it gets hot during summers and very cold during winters. So, for an area more prone to extreme weather conditions, one should opt for an outdoor table tennis table only.
  • The output at an outdoor table tennis table is far inferior or not up to the standards required in top-end indoor competitions.
  • It offers no storing restrictions.
  • It caters freedom to use without being vigilant at all.

Indoor Table Tennis Table vs Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Let us have a quick look at Indoor table vs Outdoor table

Indoor Table Tennis Table Outdoor Table Tennis Table
1. It needs proper care to use 1. It offers the freedom to use
2. It may require adequate storage after playing 2. It can be left untouched in open
3. They cannot be used out in the open 3. They can be used both inside and out
4. They are not weatherproof 4. They are weatherproof
5. These are cheaper than outdoor table 5. They are costlier than indoor table
6. Suggested to professionals 6. Best for recreational purpose
7. It produces a good bounce 7. It provides less bounce

Please note that table tennis tables are complicated and pricey to transport, so we strictly suggest you work upon the size that would fit the area and your need correctly to avoid unnecessary hassles of exchange.

More Questions About Indoor Table vs Outdoor Table

Q. Can I take my indoor table tennis table out and play?

Ans. Yes, you can move your indoor table out in your lawn but at your risk as they are not weather resistant. Harsh sunlight, drops of rain, pollution, dust and cold winds of winters will not leave it worth using for the long term.

Q. Which is the best type of indoor and outdoor table tennis table?

Ans. Wooden and fiber made indoor tables are considered to be best, whereas outdoor tables made up of concrete are best to resist the wear and tear caused by diverse weather conditions.

Q. Out of indoor and outdoor table tennis tables, which kind of schedule have better bounce?

Ans. The indoor table tennis table is said to deliver better bounce.

Q. On which table should I practice to pursue a career in table tennis?

Ans. The indoor table tennis table is suggested best for professionals due to the bounce produced on it. The outdoor table is suitable for recreational purposes only.

Q. Does the covering up of the indoor table tennis table useful in open spaces?

Ans. No matter how good the quality of covers you use to protect the indoor table from extreme weather conditions, they are ineffective in the open. Outdoor tables are made from 100% weatherproof materials that don’t need any protection of covers.

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