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Are you looking forward to comprehending the features of STIGA Synergy T8690? This post will provide you with a comprehensive picture of the TT table.

For anyone looking for an easy-to-assemble table tennis table, the Stiga Synergy T8690 table should be an ideal choice. It is easy to assemble and also easy to store. The table occupies very little space when stored away.

Moving the table is made easy with the wheels provided with it. You can lock the wheels to ensure the table doesn’t move while the game is in progress.

The table has steel legs, which keep the table pretty sturdy and stable when put to use. The leg caps ensure there are no scratch marks on the floor when you move the table from one place to another.  

You would not require more than 20 – 30 minutes to unpack and start using this table tennis table. The Stiga elite indoor table tennis table offers you two playing modes. It can either be with an opponent or practice with the playback support.

Both amateurs and experts can handle this table with ease. It is best suited for offices, homes, recreational, gaming, and entertainment places.

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  2. Specifications
  3. Review
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. FAQs
  6. Final Verdict

STIGA Synergy T8690 Features

It’s time that we look at the essential features of the Stiga Synergy table tennis table. The table tennis table has many salient features that make it a pretty good option for every table tennis enthusiast.


Anyone purchasing the Stiga elite indoor table tennis table would think about the construction part of it. If the table is not constructed properly, there are chances that you would not have a good playing experience.

The table tennis table comes with steel legs with leg caps. This helps you to move the table without leaving scratch marks on the floor.

It also sets the table to be even while play is in progress. The steel apron ensures that the bounce is even at all points of the playing area. The STIGA logo that is present atop the table adds a bit of style to its looks.

The tabletop is both thick and black in color and suits players belonging to all levels. Silkscreen striping on the tabletop gives it a smooth finish. The tabletop is 5/8 inches in thickness, and that makes it reliable and durable.


You would be astonished by the ease at which you can assemble and begin using this table. Spending a few minutes, reading the instructions provided would be sufficient to handle the assembly. 

The self-opening legs make it easier to open the table to its standing position. You get a 2 inches steel apron that is spread evenly across the table and supports it for even bounce. The steel legs are 1 – ¾ inches that make it sturdy during play.

The wheels are provided with a lock for stability while in play. Moreover, they also contain a ball bearing in them to make the movability factor an easy process. The silkscreen striping is suitable for amateurs providing a level playing area.


Often people are worried about the storage aspect of a Stiga Synergy table tennis table before they purchase one. However, you don’t need to worry as this is one of the most compact tables that is optimal for storage.

You can save space at home since the table’s dimensions are only 60x30x32 inches, and you would not even notice the table when it is stored away in a compact position at your home or recreational place.

Once assembled or stored, you would not have to be worried about the table’s weight because the wheels make the table’s transportability much more comfortable than you had expected.

When stored, the table tennis table rests on four wheels. 

You can choose to have the two wheels locked if your household has children who may meddle with it. This ensures safe storage of the Stiga T8690 ping pong table.

Playing Experience

Anyone who has tried their hand at playing table tennis on the Stiga Synergy T8690 table would vouch for its competency. The smooth finish offers good bounce for a great playing experience. 

Even a beginner should find it easy to use this table while they are in the process of learning.

Some recreational places use the Stiga T8690 ping pong table for competition purposes. 

The playback option is handy to master your shots, placement, and timing with the ping pong table.

Once you master these techniques, you can choose to use them while you play with your friends and family members. Sturdiness and solidity are the two words that are often associated when people use this table to play table tennis.


You must consider all the safety aspects of the Stiga Synergy table tennis table before purchasing if this table is likely to be set around inquisitive children and pets. The corners of the table are protected to ensure the table’s safety while in play or while stored away.

The table is sturdy while stored or while in play, which means children or pets would not be able to move it or injure themselves in trying to do so. Besides, the table has a locking wheels mechanism. Once locked and put in place, they do not allow the table to move.


Dimensions108 X 60 X 30 Inches
Weight145 Pounds
Playing Surface Thickness5/8 Inches
Playback ModeYes
Adjustable Height LeversNo
Roll and LockYes
IncludedNet, Table, 2 Posts


The Stiga Synergy T8690 table is made of high-quality material and is not just for adults but also equally suitable for children. The playing area is as smooth as you would like it to be.

This gives everyone an exceptional playing or practicing experience. 

Sturdy legs, supreme stability, and durability of the materials make up for an exceptional experience. Amateurs find it extremely easy to handle the table, the bounce, and the control while practicing and playing. The table also helps you fine-tune your skills using its playback position feature.

The table does not occupy much space when it is stored away, which is a great plus. You can move the table with much ease with the wheels provided. The entire table is collapsible, making it very compact while stored.

The net is up to the standard that you would usually expect for a recreational table. The overall protective features provided are also up to standards that you would want when you are likely to use them in your household.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to move
  • Supreme quality materials and even bounce


  • Heavy to carry around if necessary


Can STIGA Synergy Table be used & kept outside?

The STIGA Synergy Table is not ideal to be used or kept outdoors. The moisture content or heat can be quite damaging. It is an indoor sporting table and you must use it indoors only.

Can I leave STIGA Synergy in the garage when it’s hot?

It is never wise to leave the table in extremely hot conditions. Instead, you may want to keep it indoors to ensure the STIGA Synergy table tennis table’s longevity.

Final Verdict

If you are an expert and require a competition-ready table, the Stiga Synergy might not be your ideal bet. You can choose to purchase and use this table for children or adults, depending on their skill level. This table can also be ideal for people who wish to have it in their gym.

The compactness of the table when stored and the ease at which it can be moved are things that make this table great. The Stiga Synergy table offers a comparatively better playing experience than the other available options in the market.

It may be a good idea to download STIGA Synergy T8690 Table Tennis Table Assembly Instruction from the manufacturer. This would make the process of assembling the table a lot easier than you thought. Further, you can read a few testimonials to get an exact idea of how the table has fared with others. 

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