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A common question that quite a few table tennis enthusiasts have been asking us is, “what are Ping Pong Tables made of?”

This is indeed an important question which will certainly help many of you make the right choice of ping pong tables for your playing.

The ping pong tables material differs with different Table Tennis types.

To keep things simple and to comprehend the different types of material that Ping Pong Tables are made of, we could simply classify the table tennis tables into two main types; the indoor tables and the outdoor tables.

Table Top Material

While indoor tables commonly have their table tops made out of plywood, the outdoor tables have to acclimatize to various adverse weather conditions sometimes and this is the reason that they are built up with comparatively much concrete and durable material alongside a solid construction.

Table Tennis Tables are Made of Which Material?

The material used for making table tennis table top can be from Plywood, particle board, plastic to metal and fiberglass. As far as professional table tennis table is concerned, most of these tables are built with high-density fiberboard these days.

However, at least a medium density fiberboard is always recommended for an outdoor table tennis table.

Types of Paint

Before we actually get to the types of paint, it is important to first make ourselves aware of some of the most important points pertaining to a perfect table tennis table paint.

  • A 1/8-inch center line and 3/4-inch sidelines are taped first
  • The table is painted using a sprayer or a roller
  • The paint is Matt finish with 60-degree specular gloss at the max.
  • A dark color is used
  • CIELAB is up to 44% light
  • The surface should be smooth, free of any texture or marks
  • Usually, a primer is used first and then, 2 coats of paint
  • The tape is only removed after the table coating has perfectly dried up

Alkyd Paint

Alkyd paint is certainly the most extensively used ping pong tables paint. It offers excellent durability and resistance against abrasion. The paint is available in green and dark green colors.

Table Top Thickness

Although most of the table tennis tables have their tops with a thickness of 12mm to 30mm, it is recommended for tables with wooden tops to have a thickness between 25mm and 30mm for the best results. By rule of thumb, you can certainly get a better playing experience on a thicker table top surface.

It is important to have a bounce of at least 23cm on a table tennis table. For standard table tennis table, you can get a bounce of up to 30cm and it certainly has to do a lot with the thickness of the Table Tennis Table.


Table tennis tables’ nets should be 6 feet long and 6 inches high. The nets can be made of different types of material and the types can vary from cotton cloth, nylon mesh to synthetic plastic.

Table Tennis Table Under-Carriage

Most of the cheap table tennis tables have the frame under the table tennis table surface made of aluminum. However, these tables tend to get shaky pretty fast and may even break down over time.

On the contrary, a good quality Table Tennis Table is always characterized by heavy steel tubing for excellent stability and durability.

Table Tennis Table Legs

best indoor ping pong tables 2019

The table tennis table legs can be either oval or square tubular in shape and made out of the same material as the rest of the undercarriage; aluminum or heavy steel.

However, heavy steel is much preferred for more strength and stability. As far as the wheels are concerned, they are made of rubber.

FAQs – How Ping Pong Tables are Made?

Here are a few questions many of you have been asking. So, we are covering them in brief.

What material is the best for an outdoor table tennis table top surface?

A medium density fiberboard is always the most ideal material for an outdoor ping pong table top surface as it will prevent the surface from the worse weather conditions.

What type of paint is used on a table tennis table top surface?

Alkyd paint with matt finish is commonly used on a table tennis table top surface.

What is the ideal table tennis table thickness for a better playing experience?

A thickness of 25mm to 30mm is always recommended for a better playing experience as it helps you get a bounce of up to 23 cm.

What material is the undercarriage made of?

The undercarriage is made out of Aluminum or galvanized tubing or heavy steel tubing. However, heavy steel tubing is most recommended for high stability and durability.

What are the nets made of?

Nets are made of cotton cloth, nylon mesh or synthetic plastic.

What material is the best for table tennis table legs?

Heavy steel tubing either in oval or square share is the most recommended material for the table tennis table legs as it offers more stability.

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