page title icon Why Your Workplace Must have a Ping Pong Table? (Good News Inside)

Can having a ping pong table at the workplace be of any good?

Can a ping pong table at office improve the employee bonding, work productivity and more importantly the organization’s profitability?

YES, it can be profitable ( good news 😀 ) to keep a table tennis table at your office.

Let us find out…

Do you know that companies like Facebook and Google were the first ones who started the culture of ping pong tables in the offices?

Modern offices understand the importance of ping pong very well and that is why they know the importance of adding fun to work which has many advantages and further results in overall employee welfare.

Till the time employees are not happy and content with the company’s environment, the chances for the company’s growth is way too challenging and difficult.

There is a saying which states “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and that is so true. It is actually proven that 10 minutes of table tennis can improve your physical and mental health.

Nowadays, companies are aware of the competition in the market and to survive in this competitive world, they know that they have to maintain a balance between work and play along with the fun working space and the modern office design.

Why we Prefer a Table Tennis Table for the Workplace?

Though there are many other ways of facilitating during downtimes and to make yourself relieve from the pressure such as pinball machines, playing video games, pool or snooker, etc. But ping pong is one of the best stress relievers and has many advantages for the offices who provide ping pong table to the employees.

People may think that it is a waste of money, time and is not worth it. Here are the 7 enticing reasons which will prove that keeping ping pong table for the companies is a must these days.

1. A Fun Workout

In the corporate world, there are many people who are fond of taking part in recreational activities and would want to do it but due to their time constraining schedule, they are unable to do so.

However, a regular playing of the table tennis for at least 10-15 minutes can maintain your body and you would be in shape. It will surely enhance muscle and joint movement as well as improve your arms, legs and will provide strength to the body. It is a high spirit-impact sport which is really healthy and further, it challenges your core, upper and lower body as well.

2. The Brain Teaser

Apart from keeping a lead in physical exercise, ping pong table for office also proves to be one of the sports which promote strategic and active thinking. It is seen and noticed that after playing 15 minutes of the game, employees work with more active and sharper strategic thinking than before which further increases productivity.

Just like these 2 games basketball and football, even table tennis improves eye-hand coordination, mental alertness and stimulates tactical thinking.

The disadvantages of other timeouts or certain other activities are that employees return to work after being tired which decreases productivity instead of increasing it.

3. The Social Game

Uniting the office is not that difficult when you have a ping pong table at your office. Just as you would have seen bees coming around honey, you would be seeing many employees in the same position as assembling up near the table 😉 People who have never even interacted would become familiar with each other which will create a friendly environment and unity among your employees.

It is simply a perfect way to bring up the people together and breaking up the social barrier. It makes you see a different side of your co-workers which you could have never seen in the office. Some companies even organize table tennis matches after their meetings and regular work activities.

4. Don’t Shy, Compete

If you are shy and low in confidence, it will surely help you boosting your confidence as you would be interacting to people you don’t know and will help you compete with your opponent without a fear.

This kind of a sport in which you can play doubles will add fun, make you relax, open you up and most importantly allow people to vent some steam which is a great source to show your side. No one will be able to destroy your vibe. Ironically, it also helps people after a full day of work to wind down.

5. Best Use of Office Space

After reading so many benefits of having a tt table at the office, it is good to make some space for it if in case you still don’t have a TT table at your office. A ping pong table does not need much space and can be folded whenever required.

You can also sit around a ping pong table and have quick, small meetings. In this way, it can become your multi-purpose table.

6. A Good Kind of Distraction

Sitting and working continuously for a long number of hours can make you lazy and inactive, even you will not find your work interesting this way.

It will become too monotonous for you till the time there is some refreshments and distraction in it. Distraction in the form of table tennis is one of the best as it will make your mind relaxed and you can chill out at work.

7. Employee-centric

It makes the employees more loyal as the employees have an impression that the company is thinking about the employees by keeping such refreshments. It creates generosity among employees towards the company.

Wrapping Up…

In this fast-paced life, people won’t mind giving 10 minutes to keep themselves fit and fine and ping pong is the sport that helps people in achieving this goal. As an organization having a table tennis table at your office can really help in bringing the employees together, having a good bond, which will directly improve their work relations, that will positively IMPACT the bottom line – PROFITS!

Reasons to have Ping Pong Table in Office

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