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Are you not being able to decide if you should buy the HEAD Summit Table Tennis Table? 

In this post, we will get you familiar with the various aspects of this table tennis table. By the end of this post, you should be able to reach a decision without any difficulty.

Anyone would agree that if there is a game that can be played by the whole family at home, it is table tennis. As an added advantage, it also keeps people fit. It is a game that can be played by the young and old alike without much strain on your joints. You can play a leisurely game or practice for your next tournament at home if you have a table tennis table. 

One can get confused with the wide variety of tables available for this game. This is when we can guide you. In this post, we will describe the various features of the HEAD Summit table tennis table

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The powder-coated steel frame gives the table its strength and sturdiness. The frame will not rust or corrode for a long time. The frame keeps the table stable even while playing a fast and vigorous game. 

Eight castor wheels help move the table quickly and keep the table locked to one place with their unique locking system. There are twelve contact points for the table with the floor, making it impossible for the table to tilt in any event. 

The Playing Surface

The playing surface is probably the most crucial part of a table tennis table. The HEAD Summit USA folding table scores high in this feature with an 18 mm surface that offers excellent bounce. This helps serious players to practice for a tournament. 

There are tables with 15 mm tops, but those will not provide the kind of game that serious players seek. The 18 mm top offers almost the same amount of bounce that you get on a competition standard table. 

The advantage with a thicker top doesn’t stop with a good game alone. You want the table to last longer. A thicker top ensures that there will be no warp, and you can have a good playing experience for many years. 

This table is suited for both leisurely and serious games. This table also comes with height levelers, which will ensure that the surface is even and gives you the perfect playing area. 

Table Size

The size of the table matters a lot when it comes to practicing for a tournament. The regulation size of a table tennis table is 9 feet X 5 feet. If you practice on a different size table, it will be difficult when you are playing in the tournament. 

This is why the HEAD Summit foldable table is made in the same regulation size. This makes your game perfect, and you can face any opponent with confidence. 

Solo Playing

One of the difficulties that most people face is getting someone to practice the game at home. Is there a way to practice table tennis alone at home? The HEAD Summit table provides the perfect facility for this. 

The table folds to form a playback surface for solo practice. What is more important is that the locking system prevents the half from coming down suddenly when folding up for playback. 

Storage And Movement

The HEAD Summit competition grade table is heavy, which is what makes it highly stable. But that also adds the problem of difficulty to move. The makers have solved this problem by adding eight caster wheels, making the table’s movement to any place very easy. As the wheels have locks, there is no fear of the table moving while playing. 

Storage is a problem with most homes today. There is hardly any space for storing the usual things needed for the people living in the house. But this table tennis table will not occupy any extra space as it can be folded into two halves. The table becomes 6 inches thick, which means that it can fit into any narrow space. The wheels help you move to the storage position very easily. 


There is no need for you to assemble the table for playing. The HEAD Summit table tennis table comes pre-assembled. This means that all you need to do is open the table and roll it into place for your game. You are ready to start playing within 15 minutes of receiving the table. The table also comes with a competition-grade net that is easy to fix to the table with the clamps provided. 


Table Dimensions9’ L X 5’ W X 3’ H
Weight200 lbs
Table Top Thickness18 mm
Solo Play FacilityFolds for playback facility

A Competition Level Table For Your Home

The HEAD Summit USA folding table is an ideal table tennis table for your home, both for leisurely and practice games. This table comes with all the features that make it your perfect partner for a great game. 

The strong steel frame is powder-coated to make it more durable and non-corrosive. The robust frame holds the table in a stable position. Eight caster wheels help you move the table with ease. 

Even when folded, the wheels help you move it to the storage place easily. As the table comes assembled, you can start playing as soon as it arrives at your home. All you need to do is to fix the competition standard net to the table. 

The tabletop with 18 mm thickness gives you a chance to play a competition level game. It offers excellent bounce that will help you play a fantastic game. This means that you can practice for your tournaments with this table. 

You can also use this for playing a fun game with your family. You can use fold one side of the table for playback. This helps you practice your game even if there is none to play with. 

The caster wheels have a locking mechanism that keeps the table stable. The net can be easily attached using the clamp, which means that you can start playing immediately. There are height adjusters that will help keep the table on the floor level so that the game is perfect. 

Those who have played on this table confirm that it has helped to improve their game. This is certainly a worthwhile purchase for your home. You can spend many hours playing with your family or alone. 

PROs and CONs


  • Easy to assemble 
  • 18 mm thick tabletop for serious game
  • Caster wheels for easy movement
  • Foldable model
  • Has solo playing facility


  • Heavier than many other models


1. Is this table good to train for tournaments?

The table has a top of 18 mm thickness. Though competition tables have a 25 mm thick top, this table can also provide a similar bounce. This means that you can practice for your tournaments in this table. This table comes with a playing surface thickness that most models at this price don’t have. The table also is available in the regulation size of 9 feet by 5 feet. 

2. What makes this table ideal for home use?

The table comes almost entirely pre-assembled. This means that you can start playing the game as soon as you receive the table. You don’t need to seek assistance from anyone for assembling the table. The other advantage of the HEAD Summit tennis table is that you can easily store it even in a small place. The wheels help move the table after you fold it. 

3. Is the HEAD Summit table suitable for solo playing?

Yes. The HEAD Summit table is a folding model, which means you can fold one side of the table for solo playing. This allows a person to practice without having to depend on an opponent to improve the game.

Final Verdict

Whether it is to play with the family or practice for a match, the HEAD Summit tennis table is an excellent asset to have at home. The table offers you an exceptional playing experience because of the 18 mm tabletop. The bounce is perfect for a good game. As the table is available in regulation size, it is not difficult for you to play the game anywhere. 

The HEAD Summit ping pong table comes with a strong frame that keeps it stable while playing. It also makes it more durable. The caster wheels help you move the table easily for playing as well as for storage. This table also allows solo play. Overall features of this table tennis table make this is most suitable for your home. 

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