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Like us, do you also love your ping pong table? 😀

If yes, then certainly you would like to have a clean ping pong table so that you can have a good playing experience.

Just like every other equipment,

Ping pong table also requires maintenance and convenient cleaning to deliver good longevity and to sustain the different climatic conditions.

Wondering about the easiest and best ways to clean the table, right?

Before jumping on the steps, you should know the importance of cleaning the table with an appropriate ping pong table cleaner.

Once you are aware of the importance, you will be able to make a better decision.

Let’s see what we are going to cover in this post…

Table of Contents:

    1. Why is the cleaning table tennis table indispensable?
    2. Things you need to clean ping pong table
    3. Best ping pong table cleansers that deserve a place in your cleaning kit
    4. Steps to clean the ping pong table professionally
    5. Things to do and what not to do
    6. It’s playtime
    7. FAQs

Why is Cleaning Table Tennis Table Important?

The game of ping pong depends on the smoothness of the table.

If the table has multiple dents and stuck debris, then there are chances that it will ruin your game and the ping pong ball can get deviated. The massive dust piles on the table are not only destroying the look of your table, but also these are slowly vandalizing the quality of the table.

Your cleaning schedule should depend on the type of place you have kept the TT table.

If your table is situated at a location like a pristine gaming room, then less cleaning will be adequate. On the other hand, if your table is located outside the house or beneath a shed, then regular cleaning is advised.

You can’t take a mop and clean ping pong surface. Instead, you must invest a little in quality products that can help you to maintain your ping pong table in the long run.

Here is a detailed and comprehensive process you need to follow to clean the TT table quickly and to achieve superior table tennis table maintenance.

Things You Need to Clean Ping Pong Table

table tennis table cleaner

Having the right set of things will make the cleaning fun and convenient. You need these elements to carry out the cleaning process successfully:

  • Mushy cloth piece: For moping the surface of the ping pong table.
  • Luke Warm Water: To create a proper mix of solution for thoroughly cleaning the dust and dirt piles.
  • A bowl: To pour the solution and to dip the cloth in it for a spill-free experience.
  • Cleaning agent: For removing even the stickiest of dust piles, finger marks, and grease elements.
  • White Vinegar: For a smooth and non-toxic mixture that is friendly for your skin too.
  • A screwdriver: To unscrew the table and to screw it again.
  • Lubricating agent: To make the surface smooth again for a fun playing session.

Ping Pong Table Cleaners That Deserves a Place in Your Cleaning Kit

Purchasing a high-quality product is rewarding as well as gentle to the table. You can have a look at these most preferred products to clean the table without any spills and hassles.

  • JOOLA Table Cleaner

The Joola ping pong table cleaner is a prominent name when it comes to high-end cleaners. The product comes in a spray bottle, and that makes cleaning more convenient.

In this bottle, you will get 500 ml of cleaning solution, and you can also buy a Joola cleaning cloth if required.

  • Butterfly Table Tennis Table Cleaner

Butterfly ping pong table cleaner is made with German technology and contains all the friendly elements for a ping pong table.

This product is free from VOC (which is a harmful chemical). It completely dissolves the dirt and dust elements present on the table. The spray bottle contains 500 ml of a solution which is enough to use the solution for multiple cleaning sessions.

  • Socko Table Tennis Pat Rubber Sponge

So we have talked about quality solutions. How about owning a quality sponge?

This sponge is specifically fabricated for cleaning ping pong tables. If you find enough dust on the table, then a soft cloth is not enough. Also, the sponge is more convenient when you are cleaning the table with a cleansing agent.

  • Killerspin MyT Clean Ping Pong Table Top Cleaner

If you are looking for a cleanser that bestows multiple benefits, then this product deserves your attention.

It cleanses the TT table thoroughly while rejuvenating the surface for a smooth and optimal playing session. This product can easily clean even the stickiest of elements like grease and dust chunks.

  • 30% Pure Vinegar – Home&Garden

While other cleaners contain only 500 ml, this products holds 1 gallon of solution.

Home and Garden are enriched with 30% of pure white vinegar which is essential for cleaning the table. Also, the product is beneficial if you are looking for something free of harmful chemicals.

It is earth-friendly and can be used for multiple purposes.

  • MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

MagicFiber cleaning cloth comes in a lot of varieties and cloth pieces.

If you are looking for something reliable to clean your expensive TT Table, then this can be the best buy. These cloth pieces are soft and are engineered with microfiber technology to clean the ping pong surface.

You can use this cloth for other purposes also like cleaning the TV screen or similar purposes.

Steps to Clean the Ping Pong Table Professionally

Step 1:

Start wiping the ping pong table after every use. In this process, you need to clean the table with a soft cloth to keep the dust and dirty fingerprints at bay. This in return, will deliver you with a long life of the table.

Also, the debris and dust elements will not be able to impact the integrity and quality.

Step 2:

Now you need to create a formulation that is required for thorough cleaning of the table. Take a non-toxic cleaning agent and mix it with lukewarm water to make a dilute and soft solution, also sprinkle some white vinegar to add more power to the mixture.

Dip the cloth into the solution until it completely soaks the solution. Once the cloth is entirely wet, make it damp and perfect for rubbing the table.

Step 3:

Consider unscrewing the table to make the cleaning process much more manageable. Call someone for help and unscrew the table in a manner that it becomes easier to screw again.

Remove the net and then wipe the ping pong table with a dry cloth. Once the dust and dirt are removed, you can mop the table with a wet and damp cloth.

Clean the surface thoroughly but make sure that you are not applying too much force. Be gentle and rub the surface multiple times.

After the table is cleaned with a damp cloth, don’t let it dry naturally. Instead, dry it with the soft cloth and make sure to obliterate the water solution.

Step 4:

So the table is comprehensively cleaned, and you need to pay attention to the ping pong net.

What you can do for scouring the net is soak it into the already prepared solution. Immersed net into the mixture for a minimum of 10 minutes and then allow it to dry on a non-rough and cleaned surface.

Step 5:

Let the table and net dry. Great, you have followed every process gently, and the table is cleaned and maintained until the next session.

Check the net and table if it feels completely dry. Then screw it as per the instruction manual. If the net is still wet then don’t rush, let it dry, and then screw it on the table.

Follow these tips in the given way for satisfying results. These steps are appropriately designed to start from scratch and then end with cleaning the equipment gently.

Warning: Things To Do and What Not To Do to Attain Great TT Table Care

Cleaning a ping pong table is not a child’s play. One wrong move can completely ruin the quality of the TT table. Here are some pro tips and some warnings that you should keep in mind for a good cleaning session.

What to do:

  • If you are not convinced with the use of vinegar and water solution, then you can opt for cleansing agents. These cleansers have better cleaning properties and are specially made for cleaning the ping pong tables. You can find these products at retail and online stores.
  • Always use a piece of cloth that has a mushy surface and is gentle. Consider rubbing the fabric against your skin, and if you find it gentle, then you can use it on the table.

What not to do:

Ping pong tables are manufactured with multiple materials like fiber and wood. Both possess different results and have different properties.

  • Check the type of table you have. If the table is made up of wood, then never try to use bleaching elements. Also don’t make the surface too wet, as it can make the wood to gulp water which can damage the ping pong table.
  • Don’t unscrew the table if you are not able to screw it again. Make sure that the screws are strong enough to hold the table.
  • Don’t sit on the table during the cleaning process. Unintentionally, you can break the table which can even burn a hole in your pocket since you have to repurchase a brand new table.

Finally, It’s Play Time

Congratulations you have followed each step correctly, and now your table is ready to bestow you with a quick play session.

Don’t forget to clean the table after a time interval and when you see dust sticking on the surface. In case you are not playing for a whole month or longer span, then try to store the table by folding it or cover it with a table tennis table cover.

A properly maintained table is better to play upon and can bestow appropriate playing sessions for longer durations.

If you have an expensive table, then you can rely on microfiber cloths rather than the basic ones. These microfiber cloths are specially designed for cleaning the ping pong tables, and they also absorb the cleansing element up to a great extent.

Common Questions – How to Clean Ping Pong Table 

Let us have a look at some of the common queries that we noticed are being asked by many people. We decide to address them here…

Is it necessary to unscrew the ping pong table during cleaning?

No, it is not necessary to unscrew the table during the cleaning process. Unscrewing becomes necessary if the table is filthy. If you have someone with you who can help in screwing and unscrewing, then you can continue with the process.

How active are the cleansing agents? Are they better than vinegar?

Yes, these cleansing agents have far better results than plain water and vinegar solution. If you are ready to spend in something, then buy one of the cleaners mentioned above and combine it with the microfiber cloth for optimal results.

Do the paddles also require cleaning?

Definitely, without the ping pong paddles, you cannot play, and for maintaining a grip on the racket you need to clean it after every use. The same cloth and cleaning agent can be used to pamper the paddles.

What if I never clean the TT table?

If you never clean your ping pong table, be ready to face some complexities that can even result in the replacement of the table. A table with cracks and pits is of no use, and without cleaning, you are attracting massive breaks and digs.

Can alcohol be used for cleaning the tables?

Some people think that alcohol is a good cleaning agent. Yes, alcohol is, but not for the ping pong tables. Ping pong tables have a color attached to their body, and by using alcohol, you even remove that color which will make the ping pong table to look uneven. Use specifically manufactured cleaners to get an evergreen TT table.

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