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Are you planning to buy a Butterfly Space Saver Table Tennis Table? This post will help you understand every aspect of this TT table.

Whether it is at homes, clubs, colleges, or tournaments, if there is one game that you can find everywhere globally, it is table tennis. Table Tennis is undoubtedly a game that doesn’t require too much physical strength, and that’s why this sport has attracted people of all ages and genders over the years. No wonder this game is included in the Summer Olympic Games. 

Many people play this game at home because of low investment and space requirements. Those who are serious about the game and want to practice for a tournament can buy the Butterfly Space Saver Table because it takes your game to competition levels. This table also helps keep fit those who are not keen about playing the game in competitions. 

The features explained below will help you have a clear picture of the Butterfly Space Saver Table Tennis Table. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Features
  2. Specification
  3. Pros and Cons
  4. FAQs
  5. Final Verdict

Features of Butterfly Space Saver Table Tennis Table


The table tennis Butterfly Space Saver table comes with a steel frame. The square steel legs are 11/8″ in thickness and this ensures stability. The table doesn’t shake or wobble when you play the game. 

The legs have levelers which help to keep the table at an even level. The 3″ rubber wheels help move the table to any position smoothly. Such a robust construction ensures that the table will not get damaged soon. You can fold the table for easy and compact storage.

Table Top

The quality of your game depends entirely on the quality of the tabletop. It is this surface that gives you the bounce. No wonder that competitions have strict regulations about the thickness of the tabletop. 

The thickness specified for tournaments is 25 mm. But buying a table with a top of this thickness can pinch your pocket a bit. The Butterfly Space Saver 22 table tennis table comes very close to regulation thickness with a 22 mm thick tabletop. 

With this thickness, this table allows playing competitive matches. One can practice for any tournament and hope to play an excellent game. This is the best table for anyone who wants to play a challenging game. This table helps improve your game significantly. A thicker tabletop will resist warping greatly, which means that your ping pong table will last longer. 

The tabletop is scratch resistant. There is a rigid PVC band around the top, protecting it from accidental damage, and a 2-inch steel rim for additional protection. The anti-skid tabletop comes with a 5-year warranty. The ITTF approves the blue color of the top.

Table Size

One may wonder what is so great in the size of a table. If you practice on a smaller table, you may find yourself struggling when playing on a regulation size table. This is why the Butterfly Space Saver ping pong table comes in the official size. 

This table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 30 inches tall. These are the exact dimensions of the tables used in official matches. So, you don’t feel any difficulty when playing a match.

Storage & Transport

Not all homes have a separate game room where the table tennis table can be kept ready for playing at all times. Most homes use the table in any of the other rooms meant for different purposes. Alternatively, many people use the table outside their homes. 

But the table must be stored inside, protected from elements of nature. This means that it must be easy to store in small places. The Butterfly Space Saver is a winner in this matter too. 

The Butterfly Space Saver 22 table tennis table comes in a foldable design, making it easy to store. You can fold the table in half very quickly. The folded dimensions are so small that you can squeeze in anywhere in your home. 

The table is 60 inches wide, 63 inches tall, and just 19 inches deep when folded. The wheels provided by the manufacturer makes it easy to transport to any area of your choice. 


The Butterfly Indoor Rollaway Ping Pong Table comes with a standard net easily attached to the table. The Butterfly National League ping pong net is approved for tournaments.

Other Features

The table comes with 3″ rubber wheels that make it easy for you to roll it to any place you want. The levelers on the feet ensure that your table is always on the correct level. But what is the most salient feature of this table is that it is ITTF approved. 

This means that the quality is the same as any competition table. This table also comes with a 5-year limited warranty. This table comes fully assembled. You can unpack and start your game. 


Playing Area Dimensions9’ L X 5’ W X 30” H
Folded Dimensions60” W X 63” H X 19” D
Table Top Thickness22 mm
Weight215 lbs
Legs2” Square Steel
Wheels3” Rubber
ColorBlue & Green

Why Should You Buy The Butterfly Space Saver 22?

There is no reason to think of any other table tennis table since this table offers you tournament level playing experience with its 22 mm thick tabletop. The sturdy build ensures long life and a stable position. The regulation table size ensures you are not uncomfortable playing the game in any club or official matches. 

This is an ideal table for your home because you can easily store it anywhere you want. The Butterfly Space Saver 22 Table folds in half and has a thickness of only 19″ which makes it easy to place it in a way that it doesn’t obstruct your daily activities. The table comes with 3″ rubber wheels, which makes it easy for you to move the table wherever you want. 

This table comes wholly assembled, and hence you don’t spend any time or effort trying to set it up. You could get it out from the carton and move it to play position using the wheels. An approved net comes with a table that can be easily fixed to the table to start your game. 

The Butterfly Space Saver table is ITTF approved, which is another proof of its quality. This is the ideal table for both a leisurely game at home or for rigorous practice for a match. The excellent reviews by those who have used the table should convince you about how worthy this product is for the price you pay. 

PROs and CONs


  • ITTF approved and wheelchair friendly
  • 22 mm thick tabletop facilitates excellent game
  • Foldable and easily movable for storage
  • Arrives fully assembled 
  • Adjustable levelers for even height


  • Ideal only for practice
  • No solo playback facility


1. Why is the Butterfly Space Saver best for practice?

The tabletop is 22 mm thick, which offers almost the same kind of bounce you will get on a competition table. The size of this table is the same as that of competition tables. This ensures that you are not surprised by the size at any tournament. 

2. What makes Butterfly Space Saver 22 the best table for the home?

Though the table comes in regulation size, you can fold it up to make it compact enough to store in small storage. You can move the table easily anywhere you want as it comes with 3″ rubber wheels. As it comes assembled, you don’t have to seek any expert assistance to set it up. You can start your game as soon as the table reaches your home. 

3. What material is the Butterfly Space Saver Ping Pong table made of?

The Butterfly Space Saver has strong legs made of 11/8″ steel which makes it stable and durable. The wooden tabletop is protected by a PVC band and 2″ steel rim. This makes it last longer and protects it from accidents. 

Final Verdict

Looking at all the features, the Butterfly Space Saver is an ideal purchase for your home. The robust build makes sure that the table stays stable when playing. The materials used for constructing the table are of the highest quality and grade. With strong square steel legs, you don’t have to worry about wobbling or shaking. Wheels make transportation easy. 

When you look to play an excellent game, the 22 mm thick tabletop is what you need. The blue or green color top gives you a perfect bounce. When we look at the various features and the ITTF approval, there is no doubt this is the best product for the price you pay. The 5-year warranty is an additional benefit. 

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