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Table tennis is a very popular game at many levels. Right from the school levels, people start playing this game. This game is very popular as it can be played indoors and doesn’t require much space.

Though table tennis is an indoor game, but it could not be played inside homes that lack the space to place the table. You needed one room to be kept separately as the game room to accommodate the table.

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But, not anymore!

With the launch of the foldable and movable table tennis tables, it has become easy for every home to own a table and play whenever they wanted.

The table can be stored conveniently in a small space. It can be unfolded and used in any room that is being used for other purposes. This has made it unnecessary for people to look for clubs to play the game. This Hathaway Victory table review will tell you about the best table tennis table for your home.

Table of Contents:

  1. Features
  2. Specifications
  3. Review
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. FAQs
  6. Final Verdict

Features of Hathaway Victory Table Tennis Table

✔️ The Table For Professional Game

The Hathaway Victory Ping Pong table is made with a view to making your game come to the level of the professionals. You can take your game to the next level with this table that is made as per the official specification.

The table is 9 ft X 5 ft which is the ITFF regulation size. The surface of the table is one inch thick. It contains a coating of 200 layers.

Hathaway Victory Professional Table Tennis Table Dimension

This has been done to ensure the maximum bounce for your ball. The surface also ensures fast returns when you are practicing the game as a solo player.

The table offers an excellent opportunity for the whole family. It allows the game to be played as singles or doubles game. The table also offers the opportunity for you to practice alone and master your game.

One side can be folded up to provide you the bounce back. This makes it the ideal table for someone alone at home to spend their time while practicing the game.

✔️ Robust Construction

What you look for in a table tennis table is strong construction. The Hathaway table is made of very strong materials that make the table highly durable.

The two-inch heavy grade supporters made of steel makes sure that the table remains straight without any sag or bend. It also ensures that the table remains strong for many years.

The table can be laid exactly parallel to the floor with the unique level adjusters on each leg. This means that your table will always be on the correct level.

✔️ Safety Feature

Whether it is when playing or when stored, the table remains very safe.

The table has a unique locking system that matches American and European safety standards.

This means that the table can be locked safely during play without folding up or buckling. The locking works perfectly even with one side up when you are playing a game by yourself.

The locks are very secure when the table is folded and stored away. There is no worry about the table unfolding by itself and damaging anything.

✔️ Easy to Assemble & Store

The Hathaway Victory table tennis table is very easy to assemble. It will take a maximum of an hour to assemble the pieces. The six-step assembly is very easy. The parts match each other perfectly and you can start your game immediately.

The large 5” wheels make it easy to be moved to any room. This makes it most convenient to store it anywhere you want and move it to where you want to play. You can even move it easily to the outside when the weather is good.

Storing is very easy as the table can be easily folded to make it very compact. The height and length of the table are just 6 feet when folded. The width of the table when folded is just a bit more than three feet.

This means that the table can be kept away without causing any disturbance to your normal activities. It can be placed in any room without causing an obstruction.

✔️ Free Accessories

The table comes with two paddles that will help you start your game as soon as you get the table. Nobody wants to wait once you have the lovely table set up for the game. Three balls come with the table. There is a standard net which can be easily attached to the table.

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Dimensions 108 x 60 x 30 inches
Weight 265 pounds
Storage Convenience The table is foldable for easy storage
Surface Thickness 1 inch thick with 20 layers
Solo Playing Facility One side can be folded for solo playing
Height Adjustment Leg levelers for adjusting the height
Rolling Ease And Safety 5-inch wheels that can be locked for safety
Accessories 2 paddles, 3 balls, and standard net

Hathaway Victory Table Tennis Table Review

The Hathaway Victory table is the ideal companion for sports enthusiasts. It can provide wholesome sports entertainment for the family.

The professional-level construction of the table is great for practice and recreation. The table is made with the same size specification of the professional table tennis game.

The surface offers excellent bounce that can help you play a fast-paced game at home. The sturdy construction of the table offers great stability and durability.

The table offers you an opportunity to practice your game regularly and improve your proficiency in the sport. That it allows for singles and doubles games provides the whole family a chance to work out together.

It is good for solo play and practice even when nobody is there to play against. One side can be folded to get an excellent rebound. An ideal table for enjoying the game in every way.

The Hathaway Victory table tennis table is an ideal item for the home. It can be assembled very easily and quickly. The table can be moved to any room because of the large wheels.

The table can be kept securely for the game with strong locks. You can store the table in your home very conveniently as it folds up to become compact.


  • Professional grade table for your home
  • Assembling and storing is easy
  • Provides stability with excellent locks
  • Money back manufacturer warranty
  • Allows for singles, doubles or solo game
  • Easy to move to any place with large wheels


  • This doesn’t provide tournament level bounce

When folded up for storage how much space is required?

The table becomes very compact for storage almost anywhere in your home. The height and length when folded are less than 6 feet. The width of the table comes to just above 3 feet when folded. It can fit in any corner of your house. Though it is very secure when open, you can fold it easily by removing the locks.

How long does it take to assemble?

As per actual purchasers, it takes around 45 minutes to assemble the table and make it ready for the game. You will need the assistance of one more person.

Does this table can be one side up and one down to play by yourself?

This table allows for solo play by yourself. You can lift one side for getting the rebound and play the game by yourself.

Final Verdict

The Hathaway Victory table tennis table is worth every cent you pay for it. The table is ideal not just for the recreational game but also for you to practice for your tournament. The excellent surface provides the right bounce to practice a fast game. It is a convenient table for home and easy to store. It is durable and sturdy. It is worth for every table tennis lover to buy this table.

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