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The game of table tennis is very popular. It’s been played in the Olympics since 1988. It is one of the most popular indoor games to be played in the world.

It can be played in a comparatively small room and the equipment is easily available. It can be played by either one or two persons on one side.

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The game is now very commonly played in many schools, colleges, and offices. Many people have started playing the game in their homes along with friends or just between the family members.

Table tennis or ping pong is usually played indoors. As a matter of fact, many people have less space in their homes yet want to play the game.

The game has now moved from the indoors to the outdoors with tables that can be stored and moved coming into the market.

These tables take less space to store, are movable and can even help a player play with himself or herself when nobody else is around. This ESPN ping pong table review aims to enumerate the features and benefits of such a table.

Table of Contents:

  1. Features
  2. Specifications
  3. Review
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. Final Verdict

ESPN Ping Pong Table Salient Features

✔️ Easy to Store

The ESPN Ping Pong Table reviews talk greatly about its main feature which is its foldable nature. This table can be folded to roll it into your garage. You don’t need much space to keep it when not in use.

You can even dismantle the whole table easily and store it in the house if you are not using it for a long period.

The wheels, the legs, and the court can be separated and stored conveniently. The courts can be separated into two pieces.

✔️ Durability

Being a table that is to be used outside the ESPN table tennis table is made of materials that are suitable for withstanding the harsh sun, rain, and moisture in the air.

The table material is sturdy and thick. The table is made of materials that will last a long time without any distortion or disintegration.

The table comes with the net which is also waterproof. The undercarriage of the table is also rust-resistant.

✔️ The Ideal Playing Companion

One of the excellent features that should be mentioned in the ESPN table tennis review is the ability of players to use the table even when there is no opponent.

ESPN Table Tennis Single Player

Folding one side of the table will provide the ideal bouncing wall for players to practice their game without anyone else.

The table comes in the regulation 9ft by 5 ft size. The table offers a good bounce rate for the recreational game.

✔️ Assembling & Storage

The ESPN 2 piece table tennis table with table cover is very easy to assemble. You don’t need any professional help for assembling the pieces. The pieces are not too heavy for you to carry and assemble.

You just need to fix the two halves of the court to the legs and secure them. The top of the table can be easily fixed to the legs. There is a detailed instruction manual to help you assemble the table.

It can be easily folded up when storing. Four caster wheels will help you propel the table easily to the storage place.

The wheels are three-inch in diameter which helps in very smooth rolling. The wheels can be locked to prevent motion while storing or playing.

✔️ Safety Feature

You cannot write ESPN table tennis reviews without mentioning the excellent safety features. The table comes with caster wheels that can be locked to prevent movement.

The table will not move even when you are having a very vigorous and competitive game. The undercarriage is very strong and the legs are stable enough to keep the table from moving of folding.

✔️ Easy Clip-On Nets

The ESPN 2 piece ping pong table comes with the net for the game. The nets are waterproof and can be left in the rain without fear of spoiling.

The nets can be easily and firmly attached to the table using the clips. The nets are of standard professional table tennis height.

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Dimensions 108″L x 60″W x 30″H
Playback Dimensions 61.75″L x 73″H
Weight 121.25 lbs
Thickness of Surface 6 mm
Wheels Diameter 3 inch

ESPN Ping Pong Table Review

The ESPN 2 piece table tennis table is most suitable for recreational players to use in the house. The table tennis table has the same size as the regulation table tennis table.

ESPN table is an indoor ping pong table. It comes with safety features, easy to assemble & store, solo playing feature. One can completely rely on its durability.

It is best for people who want to play table tennis at home. Even a single person can practice the game at home with the playback option. You can use the table for many years without worrying about it getting damaged.


  • Easy to assemble without professional help
  • Easy to move and store inside the house
  • Solo player game is possible
  • Adjustable height allows people of all heights to play comfortably


  • Bounce is not as much as official tables
  • Not for the professional game

Can this table be used outdoors?

No. The table is not made of outdoor games because it is not waterproof.

How to fold this table up?

You have to remove the lock and fold both sides of the table upwards.

What color is this item?

The tabletop is in deep blue color.

Final Verdict

The ESPN table tennis table is an ideal item for recreational table tennis. It is ideal for use at home because of the convenience of storing it even in a small place.

The table is good even for one person to practice the game. It is easy to assemble, move and store. Further, the table is available at a reasonable price.

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